MIA Colonel arrested for $120.500-kickback he took 4 years ago

MIA Colonel arrested for $120.500-kickback he took 4 years ago
Sergey Sudarkin arrested on suspicion of fraud

The senior MIA official took the money from a contractor and promised to protect its interests in obtaining a state contract for a neighborhood construction project.

Sergey Sudarkin, the former Deputy Chief of Construction and Billeting Service of the MIA Internal Troops, has been arrested on charges of a large-scale fraud, according to Kommersant. The investigators claim that the official negotiated with the CEO of Famer Development LLC a deal implying that he would secure an advantageous tender for the commercial entity in return for 7 million rubles ($120.571). The company itself is now on the verge of bankruptcy.

The criminal case against the colonel was filed by Investigative Committee’s Military Investigation Department 51 based on a statement by Famer Development’s CEO Yuri Ermantraut. His company has been in Bryansk real estate market since 2011. Stolichny neighborhood was going to be built there with 16 houses, a shopping center, sports facilities and other buildings constructed on 12 hectares of land. Some of the apartments were meant for people living in the old and dilapidated housing, while some others would go to Ministry of Internal Affairs veterans. About 292 million rubles ($5m) had been allocated to build 130 apartments for the former security officials.

According to the CEO, he had been negotiating with Sudarkin from February 2012 until August 2013. The Colonel allegedly promised him his help in getting the contract for the construction of houses in return for 7 million rubles. The businessman agreed and passed him the money.

For unclear reasons, the businessman reported on the Colonel only 4.5 years later. The policeman’s attorneys claim the whole case is based on the businessman’s testimony with no sufficient evidence. They say that according to the other witnesses, Sudarkin had not directly participated in government contract distribution.

In addition, Famer Development is now on the verge of bankruptcy, and Stolichny neighborhood that had to be completed already in 2014, is still under construction. The police turned to court to collect the 292 million rubles allocated for the construction from the company.



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