Members of arrested Colonel Timchenko's family are lovers of luxury resorts 

Members of arrested Colonel Timchenko's family are lovers of luxury resorts

According to Life, sister and nephews of Yury Timchenko, who are living in Moscow, visited luxury spas around the world at least seven times a year.

30-year-old Anna, Yury Timchenko’s sister, lived with his brother until his move to St. Petersburg. They occupied a luxury house in the west of the capital.

Now, Anna Timchenko is a housewife and does not work, and her parents, Nadezhda and Anatoly Timchenko, are pensioners.


Family members of Head of the MIA MBIA in the Northwestern Federal District Yury Timchenko, who is arrested for extortion of 100 million rubles, are lovers of outdoor activities and comfortable travel. Anna, along with her daughter, her husband and her parents, visited at least seven countries for a year. Favorite places of the Colonel’s sister are several resorts in Italy, Spain and France.


Anna, as a fan of extreme sports, loves beautiful slopes in the ski resorts of St. Anton in Austria and Rosa Khutor in Sochi. Family prefers to bask in the sun in Dubai and Malaysia. The Crimean coast is no exception, if they stay in a nice hotel.


According to Life, Yury Timchenko’s sister graduated from Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Now, Anna is unemployed, but she prefers only luxury items, such as bags and shoes of Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors. She owns such cars as Nissan Murano, BMW X6, as well as the Mercedes-GL400, the value of the latter two is more than four million.



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