Member of Solntsevo OCG Renato Usatiy wanted in Colonel Zakharchenko case 

Member of Solntsevo OCG Renato Usatiy wanted in Colonel Zakharchenko case
Renato Usatiy Photo: Social networks

The active participant of the Solntsevo criminal gang and the former mayor of the city of Beltsy is wanted in Russia. According to sources of The CrimeRussia, Usatiy became the next person involved in the large-scale criminal case of colonel billionaire Dmitry Zakharchenko.

Recall that one of the owners of the 1520 group of companies, the largest contractor of Russian Railways, Valery Markelov from 2007 to 2016, together with partners Boris Usherovich, Alexey Krapivin and Ivan Stankevich, gave Colonel Zakharchenko $150,000 a month for “total protection”, paying him in total more than 2 billion rubles ($30.9mln). Usatiy, according to our data, also was in the circle of businessmen who paid a corrupt policeman for "protection". Markelov and his accomplices participated in the embezzlement of billions of rubles received from Russian Railways, and laundered this money. 


Valery Markelov 

Renato Usatiy has been a part of investigations of CrimeRussia for several years now, as one of the active participants in the Solntsevo criminal gang. According to our data, Usatiy in his homeland in Moldova promoted the interests of the Solntsevo OCG participants in particular – the criminal lord Grigory Karamalka, nicknamed Bolgar. Moreover, Usatiy is the customer of the murder of Russian banker German Gorbuntsov, who currently resides in the UK.

Now, according to media reports, Usatiy is in Europe, he has already responded to the message about the search, marking the post on his page on the social network. He also published his photo in which he was captured on vacation with a fishing rod in his hands.

“The Moldovan political elite has done everything to destroy me. Some characters in Russia tried to make me consistent and obedient. Moldovan media report that I am on the federal wanted list in the Russian Federation. We will live until Monday and talk online. Have a great weekend, everyone,”  Usatiy wrote.

Usatiy, being the mayor of the Moldovan city of Beltsy, became a person involved in criminal cases and left the country, hiding from prosecution in his mansion on Rublyovka. In November 2018, he reported that searches were conducted in his Moscow apartment.



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