Shuvalov: Medvedev pays too much attention to corruption

Shuvalov: Medvedev pays too much attention to corruption

The Vice Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov at the meeting of the discussion club Valdai criticized his direct superior, the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, for excessive attention to corruption.

“When Dmitry Medvedev was a President – don’t want him to be offended if he is told - he exaggerated the issue of corruption, brought attention to it to the extreme”, Shuvalov declared, his words are quoted by users of

Shuvalov also added that fight against corruption in Russia is too extreme and this must be corrected.

Igor Shuvalov is one of the richest members of the Government. According to the declaration of the income of the official, together with his wife he owns four apartments in Russia from 73,8 to 175,7 sq.m. The Vice Prime Minister also leases a house in Austria of 1480 sq.m and an apartment in Great Britain which area constitutes 483 sq.m. The income of the official estimates at a little more than 800 thousand dollars, mainly from shares in business, the official salary of the Vice Prime Minister constitutes about 144 thousand dollars a year. 



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