Mayor of Vladivostok has been lobbying interest of his brothers’ holding for several years

Mayor of Vladivostok has been lobbying interest of his brothers’ holding for several years
Mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev

Igor Pushkarev is suspected in corruption and commercial bribery.

On 1st of June it appeared that Federal Security Service (FSB) officers detained mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev on suspicion of corruption. Later, the bureaucrat was transferred to Moscow, but the City Administration’s workers did not confirm the fact. According to them, the head of the city was on his place working, but all business and festive events with his participation that day, as well as in subsequent, were cancelled.

On 2nd of June the investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee confirmed that Igor Pushkarev really is in Moscow. Moreover, investigators initiated a criminal case under art. 33 para. 3 and art. 285 para. 3 of te Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – «Abuse of office» and art. 204 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – «Commercial bribery». 

Another figurant of the case – general manager of Vladivostok Municipal Unitary Enterprise Dorogi Vladivostoka Andrey Lushnikov was detained.

According to the investigation, Pushkarev, being a head of the city, had a serious impact on Vladivostok Municipal Unitary Enterprise Dorogi Vladivostoka, as the mayoralty owns it. During several years Pushkarev conducted commercial bribery of director Lushnikov for personal advantage. The total sum of the bribes estimated at over 1,4 million rubles. With this agreement, Dorogi Vladivostoka bought concrete, broken stone and sand at an overvalued price for construction of routes only by group of companies Vostoktsemen, which is managed by Pushkarev’s brothers – Andrey and Vladimir.

Investigators believe that from these agreements the mayor personally earned not less than 45 million rubles. According to unconfirmed information, the head of Vladivostok also helped other companies to obtain government contracts and now investigators are checking his possible connections with some of the heads of Vladivostok’s companies. On June 1, FSB officers conducted about 20 searches in the mayoralty, offices of Vladivostok’s companies, especially those, which are part of Vostokotsement and in houses of the suspected. One of them is first deputy head of the city administration Konstantin Loboda, who was also arrested.

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It is interesting, that due to massive constructions to APEC-2012 (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit the Vladivostok’s budget received great finances for improvement of the city’s infrastructure.

According to the local law enforcement officers, the mayor, who during the last year declared an income at over 1 million rubles, built a recreational center for himself in water protection zone of Khanka lake. He even made a helicopter pad there to fly to work.

Meanwhile, a State Duma’s deputy from the Primorsk Region Viktor Pinsky believes that it was not the first sudden arrest of a bureaucrat in Primorye and he is not at all surprised by the fact that the mayor became a figurant of a corrupt case. Even though, no one have ever complaint about him and citizens were pretty grateful. The people’s deputy is sure that «local law enforcement bodies would not be able to initiate the case (…), if it had not been for governor Alksander Miklushevsky…». He always had dissidences with the mayor and unlike the «obedient to center governor, Pushkarev had his own view on many questions…». What is more, after elections the Legislative Assembly could fall under sway of Igor Pushkarev, Aleksander Miklushevsky’s command was not comfortable with it. Even if the Primorye’s governor had nothing to do with the arrest of Vladivostok’s head, upper circles will point on him, as he could benefit of it the most.

At the moment, massive investigation activities are being conducted in terms of Igor Pushkarev’s case and pre-trial restrictions against the bureaucrat are being selected.  



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