Mayor of Orenburg placed in custody in bribery case

Mayor of Orenburg placed in custody in bribery case
Yevgeny Arapov

Yevgeny Arapov was arrested for two months upon the investigation’s request.

Head of Orenburg Yevgeny Arapov, detained yesterday, was sent to a pre-trial detention facility by a court order. This was reported by the press service of the Russian Investigative Committee.

The official, as previously reported, is charged with receiving a bribe on an especially large scale, 600 thousand rubles ($9000).

The second person involved in the case is Arapov's deputy Gennady Borisov, who personally received the above amount from one of the local entrepreneurs, as the investigation believes. In exchange, the officials promised the businessman a common patronage and help in obtaining state contracts.

It is also specified that 400 thousand rubles ($6000) out of 600 were meant for Arapov, while Borisov planned to take 200 thousand rubles ($3000) for himself.

During the searches, the investigators found another 4.2 million rubles ($63000) in Arapov's safe; now the investigation establishes the origin of the money.

It is to be added that the duties of the Mayor of Orenburg are for the time being performed by his first deputy, Sergey Nikolaev. In addition, for the period of the investigation, the regional office of United Russia suspended Arapov's membership in the party.



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