Matvienko: Next couple of searches at Zakharchenko and MIA becomes IMF

Matvienko: Next couple of searches at Zakharchenko and MIA becomes IMF
Valentina Matvienko

The Federation Council Speaker suggested an application for corruptionists’ money.

Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko proposed to use corruptionists’ money for charitable purposes.

"It would be possible to transfer (money) to charities that provide assistance and support to children, the elderly and so on. If you support the idea, it would be possible to initiate such a law, it would be a double benefit," - Matvienko said at the meeting of the Council for cooperation with civil society institutions.

The Speaker clarified that the budget does not count seized corruptionists’ money, but it transfers in profit of state after the withdrawal.

In addition, the Head of the Federation Council also joked on Colonel Zakharchenko loud corruption case, at whom it was found an unprecedented amount of money. She said that if a couple of searches at detained Zakharchenko are conducted, the Interior Ministry would be renamed to the International Monetary Fund. Matvienko said that the web quickly responded with jokes on the case.

Recall, Dmitry Zakharchenko was taken into custody in early September of this year. During a search there were seized cash in various currencies totaling 8.5 billion rubles. The defendant claims that the apartment, where the confiscated money was found, belongs to his sister, and about the origin of the money he knows nothing. In addition, on the name of the Zakharchenko’s father, Viktor, according to media reports, several accounts in Swiss banks, the total amount on which is about 300 million euros, are registered. Also, 65-year-old pensioner Viktor Zakharchenko, the former rural teacher from the Rostov region, according to the documents, owns several properties in Spain and Switzerland. Colonel Zakharchenko is accused of taking bribes in the amount of 7 million rubles. In addition, the Colonel is accused of abuse of official powers and obstruction of justice. In November, as it became known, certain third parties’ accounts for a total amount of $ 16 million were arrested. It was noted that these accounts were opened after the arrest of the Colonel.



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