Mass dismissals in FSB after arrest of Colonel Cherkalin

Mass dismissals in FSB after arrest of Colonel Cherkalin

27 employees have been sent into retirement.

There have been mass dismissals in the FSB against the background of a criminal case against Colonel Kirill Cherkalin, who has been arrested for taking several large bribes. This is reported by referring to a source in law enforcement bodies. 

According to him, Cherkalin's dismissal was followed by 27 more persons, who were affiliated with him one way or another. 

It has been found that their turnover per month was about 1 billion rubles ($15.47 million). The guys totally lost their sense of decency,” the source said.  

April 25, the Garrison Military Court of Moscow granted the motion filed by the investigation about the arrest of FSB Colonel Kirill Cherkalin for two months. 

Some sources say, the amount of bribes was from 3 to 6 million dollars. As previously reported by the FSB Public Relations Center, apart from Cherkalin, two more of his former subordinates were detained, who had already been dismissed. 

Until his detention, Kirill Cherkalin worked in the so-called bank department of the FSB Directorate ‘K’, which is headed by Ivan Tkachev. Cherkalin held his position for about 10 years.



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