Marked bills have failed Belykh. Details of the arrest of the governor of the Kirov region

Marked bills have failed Belykh. Details of the arrest of the governor of the Kirov region

Governor of the Kirov region faces up to 15 years in prison. Detention of Belykh by FSB in Moscow received a serious public discusision - despite a series of recent corruption scandals at the level of heads of regions, Belykh became the first Russian governor caught in the act of bribery.

Today details of successful deployment became known.

The first message about the arrest of the Kirov governor in Moscow appeared on June 24th at 6:35 pm. The official representative of the Investigative Committee, Vladimir Markin, announced the initiation of criminal proceedings against Belykh for receiving a large-scale bribe.

This what happened prior to that. The head of the Kirov region was in Moscow on his way from the Komi Republic, where he opened the festival called “Days of the Kirov region”. In the capital, he had planned a series of informal meetings, after which he was supposed to open an orphanage condo and congratulate graduates in Kirov on Saturday. But, he didn’t get to the city of Kirov.

According to "Kommersant", he went for a lunch to one of the restaurants in the shopping center Lotte Plaza on Novinsky Boulevard, as soon as Belykh made an order (it was a bottle of wine), he received a package with a logo of "Tea-coffee on Myasnitskaya" store full of bricks of Euros. FSB Special Forces immediately surrounded the table and arrested the governor. The first reaction of Belykh was to claim his innocence. However, after the checking his hands with ultraviolet light, that revealed a special invisible ink on his palms from the money and the package, according to “Kommersant”, he wrote a statement about provocation against him.

After that, the detainee was taken to the Investigative Committee, where all investigative procedures were carried out. The governor was charged with a bribe receiving under article 290 of the Russian Criminal Code. The bribe in the amount of 400 thousand euros was allegedly taken from the representative of "Forestry management company" and " Novovyatskiy ski plant" for protection in the implementation of investment projects.

It is noteworthy that according to the "First Channel", "the investigation has no claims to the briber", what probably means that he was the object of extortion and he reported that fact to the police by himself.

In the evening, the governor was taken to the Basmanny Court to elect him a measure of restraint, but the case files were not there at this time. Thus, the trial happened today resulting in taking him into custody for two months.

The Court did not agree with the request of the governor and his defenders to put him on house arrest. As the judge, Arthur Karpov, stated, there are no health or family reasons to do this.

According to media, who were inside the court, Belykh was calm, although looked depressed. His lawyers calmly received the court’s verdict, because they’re going to appeal the decision in the nearest future.

The governor claims to be innocent, saying that these money were received for region’s needs. Kirov region deputies from the Communist Party are planning to initiate a vote of no-confidence. Meanwhile, the investigation has data that his crime was systemic, and therefore belongs to the particularly serious crimes.



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