Mariinsk Head comes under investigation for land fraud

Mariinsk Head comes under investigation for land fraud
Vladimir Bobrov

An entertainment center was illegally erected in the city center under the guise of a residential building.

Law enforcement officers searched the administration building of the city of Mariinsk of the Kemerovo region, seized documents, and initiated the criminal case against Head of the municipality Vladimir Bobrov, TASS reports citing a source. According to the Otkryty Gorod regional edition, Bobrov is suspected of colluding with the merchants who illegally built an entertainment center in the city center.


The case was initiated under Exceeding Official Powers (part 2 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the Kemerovo edition, a land plot with a cadastral value of more than 3 million rubles, located in a park area in the center of Mariinsk, was illegally transferred into the ownership of sole proprietorship, Natalia Kinsler. The site was determined for hotel accommodation, but officials changed the designation for housing, lowering the cadastral value of the land to almost 300 thousand rubles. As a result, the Rus entertainment center was built.



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