Management of Slavyanka "mowed" 31 mln rubles in Kaliningrad

Management of Slavyanka "mowed" 31 mln rubles in Kaliningrad

The ICR Military Investigations Directorate of the Baltic Fleet has completed investigation in the case of Head of Slavyanka OJSC Kaliningrad branch Efim Khinkus and Head of Repair and Maintenance District no. 2 Andrey Yungkind. They are accused of embezzling over 30 million rubles, allocated in 2014 by the Ministry of Defense for having the grass mown on the territory of military camps in spring and summer.

In initiating criminal case, the amount of damage of 28 out of 50 million rubles, allocated for grass mowing, was initially indicated; however, the material damage was estimated at 31 million rubles upon the completion of the investigation.

According to the ICR Military Investigations Directorate, Yungkind in collusion with Head of Slavyanka branch's car fleet Sergey Zhilo and Head of the Kaliningrad branch Khinkus were signing false acts of mechanized mowing, collection, transport and disposal of grass between April 15 and November 26, 2014.

The investigation reports that semblance of work was maintained by engaging subordinates and seasonal workers to its performance. Their services were paid at a lower rate, the ICR said.

Khinkus and Yungkind face up to 10 years in prison for the alleged swindling. Moreover, Khinkus is charged with causing especially large damage to property by abuse of confidence.

The third accomplice in the criminal scheme had concluded a plea bargain with law enforcement agencies. Due to this, his case has been severed.

Slavyanka OJSC is notorious for a number of high-profile corruption scandals. The company was established in 2009 on the initiative of former Head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov for management of specialized housing stock of the military department and maintenance of military camps and barrack housing facilities’ water supply networks.



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