Maksimenko transferred from Institute of Psychiatry n.a. Serbsky back to Lefortovo

Maksimenko transferred from Institute of Psychiatry n.a. Serbsky back to Lefortovo
Mikhail Maksimenko

The accused of taking bribes Head of the MD BIA ICR was on psychiatric examination at the Institute n.a. Serbsky in two weeks, while five minutes were enough for General Nikandrov.

Arrested on charges of accepting a bribe Head of the state interagency cooperation and private security department of the ICR (BIA ICR) Mikhail Maksimenko is transferred after examination at the Institute of Psychiatry n.a. Serbsky back to the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center. Defendant's lawyer Alexander Vershinin told that the news agency Moskva.

According to the lawyer, Mikhail Maksimenko was under examination at the Institute of Serbsky at least two weeks. The results of the psychiatric examination is not yet known.

Vershinin says that his client was returned to the pre-trial detention center at the end of December, but it was reported only on 9th January.

The agency also informs about the ambulatory psychiatric examination of the health condition (so-called "five-minute") of another defendant in the case of accepting a bribe by employees of the ICR, General Denis Nikandrov. However, lawyers of Nikandrov are not acquainted with the conclusion.

Recall that General Nikandrov was the first, who attracted the attention of human rights activists from the Public Oversight Commission to sharply deteriorated health of Maksimenko, stating that during the interrogation he ate potent psychotropic drugs given by the FSB, as a result of which he lost his memory and nearly walks.

The arrest of Mikhail Maksimenko the Lefortovo court of Moscow has extended for three months on December 14, 2016. On the same period, the court set aside his deputy, Alexander Lamonov, and First Deputy Head of the capital's Central Board of the ICR Denis Nikandrov. Senior officers of the ICR are accused of taking bribes from kingpin Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) in the amount of $ 1 million.

According to investigators, ICR senior employees received the money for the mitigation of charges of detained after a shootout at Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya street ally of Shakro Molodoy Andrey Kochuykov aka Italian.



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