Maksimenko’s lawyers made complaint on FSB officers to Bastyrkin

Maksimenko’s lawyers made complaint on FSB officers to Bastyrkin
Mikhail Maksimenko

The lawyers of the Investigative Committee Head of the Inter-agency Cooperation and Private Security Mikhail Maksimenko, who is under custody until 19th of December on suspicion of taking bribes from the kingpin Shakro Molodoy, complained to the ICR Chairman about the actions of the FSB officers.

According to the legal representatives of Mikhail Maksimenko, the FSB pressured Maksimenko to force him conclude the pre-trial agreement.

In particular, Maksimenko’s lawyers asked the Head of the ICR to conduct a pre-investigation inspection on abuse of authority by the FSB employees, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office and the Federal Penitentiary Service during the initiation of the case, and determining of jurisdiction and the investigation itself, of which the Deputy Chief of the Investigation Directorate of the Federal Security Service, the Colonel of Justice Mikhail Savitsky is responsible.

The appeal emphasizes that "Savitsky demanded a full confession from Maksimenko, in order to enter into pre-trial agreement on cooperation and testimony against others. In case of refusal, Savitsky said that in respect of Maksimenko other cases will be initiated, and information about his negative lifestyle, bribery and misconduct in the family would be spread in the media", the appeal to the ICR Chairman stated.

The lawyers point out that according to the Public Monitoring Commission, "in order to obtain operational and meaningful information from the accused, the FSB has used a banned substance, the pharmacological properties of which are aimed at the suppression of will. This subsequently led to Maksimenko’s mental state disorder considering the previous contusions of the brain received in the line of duty."

Earlier, the human rights activists from the PMC reported that Mikhail Maksimenko feels very bad, suffers from memory disorder and refuses to eat. Another arrested on charges of taking bribes from the Shakro Molodoy, the ICR General Denis Nikandrov, told the human rights activists that Maksimenko was taken away for questioning by the FSB, which, according to him, drugged his tea with potent psychotropic drug. Maksimenko, from that moment, began to complain about discomfort.

The ICR Head of the Inter-agency Cooperation and Private Security Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Lamonov and the Deputy Head of the ICR Main Directorate in Moscow Denis Nikandrov were arrested on charges of taking bribes. According to the investigators, for a million dollars, they tried to organize the illegal release of Shakro Molodoy’s main assistant Andrey Kochuykov nicknamed the Italian from the detention facility.



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