Maksimenko’s case witness accuses General of supervising St. Petersburg investigators

Maksimenko’s case witness accuses General of supervising St. Petersburg investigators
Mikhail Maksimenko

The former Head of the Investigative Committee Bureau of Internal Affairs (ICR BIA) initiated inspections at the Investigative Committee Main Department for St. Petersburg in order to discredit the administration, Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs department in St. Petersburg Roman Polozaev believes.

The witness in the case of Mikhail Maksimenko, the former Head of the ICR BIA for Moscow, Mikhail (Romanovich) Polozaev, the Head of the Interior Ministry Department No 5 in St. Petersburg, said that the General wanted to control the leadership of the ICR BIA for St. Petersburg, RAPSI reported. To do this, Maksimenko initiated the audit of the St. Petersburg administration on the application of entrepreneur Badri Shengelia over the theft of watches, the witness said.

"The purpose of checking of my administration’s activities, initiated by the accused, and the application of Badri Shengelia, the owner of the lost watches, was aimed at discrediting my employees and myself," said Polozaev. According to him, the audit found that there was no theft of the wristwatches.

Maksimenko is suspected of receiving a bribe of $50.000 from Shengelia. On the question of the prosecution about the personality of the businessman, Polozaev replied that he was connected with the criminal community. "Shengelia is a big rascal, he has been convicted once, he has ties to criminal environment and law enforcement agencies," the witness said. In his opinion, Shengelia tried to put it across him, using Maksimenko.

Polozaev said that a gang of Dagestanis stole a batch of expensive watches worth 20 million rubles ($352.100) in the Leningrad region in 2014. Petersburg investigators received information about the attempted sale of the stolen goods. Police detained a group of people, among whom there was Shengelia, in the Pulkovskaya hotel. According to the witness, the businessman's private watches did not mention in this case. Later, Shengelia was detained at a gathering organized by thief in law Malkhaz Kotov. Polozaev stressed that all things had been returned to Shengelia, but he wrote a statement over the theft. According to Polozaev, Moscow investigators deliberately misinterpreted the conversation in which he mentioned other watches.

Maksimenko's lawyer Andrey Grivtsov asked the court to request information about incoming and outgoing calls on the number of his client. He noted that on the day of the alleged bribe-giving from Shengelia, mobile phone billing did not give an exact answer about his location. The court postponed the consideration of Grivtsov's motion until the end of the investigation of the evidence.

According to the Prosecutor General's Office, Maksimenko received a bribe from Shengelia in the amount of 50 thousand dollars for organizing the criminal prosecution against the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region in 2015. In addition, Maksimenko, together with an accomplice, whose case was separated, received $500.000 for "assistance in one of the criminal cases that the territorial division of the ICR was investigating" in 2016.

Maksimenko, his deputy Alexander Lamonov, as well as Deputy Head of the ICR Main Investigative Department in Moscow Denis Nikandrov were arrested within the criminal case over extortion of 8 million rubles ($140.800) initiated against thief in law Zakhar Kalashov, also known as Shakro Molodoy. According to the investigation, they received a bribe for the release of Shakro’s ally Andrey Kochuykov, also known as Italyanets. In addition, the former investigators are suspected of extortion of 10 million rubles ($176.050) from the director general of a large joint-stock company in the period from June 2015 to August 2016. The figurants of the affair deny their ties with Shakro.



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