Maksimenko, Lamonov and Nikandrov planned to put their man as Head of FSB ESS

Maksimenko, Lamonov and Nikandrov planned to put their man as Head of FSB ESS
Mikhail Maksimenko

New details have emerged in the high-profile case of the ICR top staff members, who were detained on charges of taking bribes from a notorious kingpin Zakhar Kalashov.

Citing informed sources, Life presented its version of why senior officers of the Russian Investigative Committee had been arrested. The media reported that the Head of the Main Directorate of Inter-Agency Cooperation and Internal Security Mikhail Maksimenko, his deputy Alexander Lamonov and the Deputy Chief of the ICR Main Department in Moscow Denis Nikandrov had a greater goal than a one-time bribe from the kingpin Shakro Molodoy.

Life claimed that together with his associates, the Head of one of the most important departments of the ICR planned to put their pawn at the Head of one of the most secretive and key divisions of the FSB - the Economic Security Service.

These problem solvers from the ICR allegedly tried to establish control over a number of major businessmen. By initiating criminal proceedings against them and then closing them for bribes, the gang members could have a source of stable and high shadow income.

Back in spring, Nikandrov, Maksimenko, and Lamonov discussed the impending resignation of the Head of the FSB Economic Security Service Yuri Yakovlev, the source said, referring to operative data of the FSB. Even in July, when it became clear that this post would be taken by the former Head of the FSB Department of the Internal Affairs Sergey Korolev, Maksimenko with and supporters still tried to prevent this, the media outlet noted.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Maksimenko had a great influence in the ICR. Being called Bastrykin’s right hand, he oversaw dozens of major criminal cases.

However, his influence was not enough to prevent Korolev’s appointment. As the source of Life noted, Maksimenko probably did not take into account that Korolev was supported by the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, the Head of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev and officials from the Presidential Administration, who were supervising the security forces.

Maksimenko, Nikandrov and Lamonov’s plans to fight for the post of the Head of the FSB Economic Security Service were uncovered thanks to operational data obtained via wiretapping Mikhail Maksimenko’s talks.

His special status turned to be a detriment. By virtue of his position, he was dedicated to a number of official secrets, and that is why he was under the control of intelligence services around the clock. His conversations were tapped and recorded. Earlier this week, during the hearing on the extension of a pre-trial measure against Denis Nikandrov, the latter said that all the charges against him had been based on "the record of conversation between two drunken men," referring to thetalks between Maksimenko and Lamonov, tapped by the FSB. He also repeatedly pointed out that this case is primarily connected to the opposition between the FSB and the ICR.

The FSB Economic Security Service is one of the most important departments of the Russian counter-intelligence. It supervises Russia’s largest financial and industrial corporations. The media outlet reminded that law enforcers from this structure conducted special operations against such businessmen as Vladimir Gusinsky, Boris Berezovsky, and Mikhail Khodorkovsky.



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