Maksimenko and Nikandrov scuffled with strip club security for Diana

Maksimenko and Nikandrov scuffled with strip club security for Diana

New details emerged about the recent past of the high-ranking officials from the Russian Investigative Committee accused of taking bribes from the crowned thief Shakro Molodoy.

ICR senior officials Mikhail Maksimenko and Denis Nikandrov brawled in an elite Moscow strip club because of a certain dancer Diana.

As reported by Life, this had happened a few months before the Deputy Head of the ICR Main Department for Moscow Denis Nikandrov, the Head of the ICR Main Department for Inter-Agency Cooperation and Internal Security Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamonov were arrested on charges of bribe-taking.

At that time, Maksimenko was already under round-the-clock control of intelligence services, which was primarily due to his own safety.

Law enforcers believed that Mikhail Maksimenko, who was persistent in his wish to get acquainted with Diana, acted as the instigator of the conflict in the strip club. The security of the Penthouse strip club on Arbat tried to explain the high-ranking official that he needed the woman’s consent for that. Maksimenko refused to calm down, then the fight started.

Earlier, it was reported that Maksimenko, Lamonov and Nikandrov frequently visited the Penthouse strip club on Novy Arbat, which is located near the Moscow Investigation Department in Serebryanniy pereulok. The La Marée elite fish restaurant on the Malaya Gruzkinskaya Street was also often used for meeting with the so-called clients.

Currently, Mikhail Maksimenko, Alexander Lamonov and Denis Nikandrov are placed in the Lefortovo detention facility. The court has extended their period of detention until December 19. Investigators believe that the suspects had been trying to stage the release of one of Shakro Molodoy’s accomplices, Andrey Kochuykov, for a bribe of 1 million dollars, but were detained by the Federal Security Service (FSB).



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