Main witness in Shakro Molodoy case taken under state protection

Main witness in Shakro Molodoy case taken under state protection

The Head of the Private Security Company controlled by Zakhar Kalashov has agreed to cooperate with FSB and testify against his boss.

The Head of the Private Security Company under the supervision of Zakhar Kalashov Dmitry Zvontsev, on the testimony of whom the prosecution’s evidentiary base against the thief in law partly relies under two new articles, has been taken under state protection.  

Previously it became known that FSB officers had collected sufficient evidence to charge Kalashov for creation of a crime community and bribe-giving on an especially large scale under Art. 210 and 291 of the Russian Criminal Code.

Part of it is based on recordings of conversations between Kalashov and investigators Maksimenko and Lamonov, who had been arrested, as well as on the testimony provided by Zvontsev.

According to Rosbalt, Zvontsev has participated in the negotiations between Shakro Molodoy and his people and ICR officers. He had been detained along with Kalashov near the Golden Palace entertainment center, at the place of thief-in-law's headquarters location, and agreed to cooperate with the FSB.

It should be reminded that, according to investigation, Zakhar Kalashov had agreed with the management of the ICR Internal Security Directorate represented by Maksimenko and Lamonov, as well as with the Head of the ICR Main Directorate Denis Nikandrov, that they would downgrade the charges against his number two Andrey Kochuykov (the Italian) in exchange for a bribe of 1 million dollars; as a result, the latter should have been released.

The investigators acted in accordance with the agreement, however, FSB officers, who followed the course of events, prevented them from taking it to its logical conclusion. The participants of the ICR criminal conspiracy were arrested on charges of bribe-taking. They are currently in a pre-trial detention center.



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