Main sponsor of Edinaya Rossiya won governmental contract to repair CDP

Main sponsor of Edinaya Rossiya won governmental contract to repair CDP

For nearly 1 billion rubles Concern MonArch performs construction and installation works at the Central Entrepreneur's Home (CDP) in Moscow.

The anti-corruption center of Yabloko party appealed to the FAS and the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Moscow with a complaint about the state contract, in which the Moscow Government entered into, Kommersant reports. According to the results of the electronic auction, the contract for construction and installation work in the building of the Central House of the Entrepreneur (CDP) (there is also a 35 mm cinema) on the Pokrovka street in Moscow was concluded with Concern MonArch. For over 916 million rubles the contractor must do the innovative facade with a "unique structure" and "rhythmic backlight", set three mediascreens on the perimeter of the building and carry out internal repairs and construction of congress hall for 650 people. "The assembled object should be a polyhedron" with "unique shape".

The complaint states that in the tender documents there is no a construction project. In addition, there are included the work that has already been carried out previously by another contractor under the state contract to 156 million rubles. We are talking about electrical, heating and ventilation networks, water supply and so on. The same contractor, by the way, awarded the contract to 19.4 million rubles for "emergency repairs" of the CDP in September 2016. It was concluded with a single supplier, referring to the "emergency situation." According to the legislation, contracts in the case of emergency are concluded without the auction, but what kind of accident happened in the building, the documentation is not specified. Yabloko intends to appeal to the Prosecutor.

As to MonArch, the party points out that the owner of the holding company is Sergey Hambardzumyan, the former official of the Moscow City Hall and former trustee of candidate for Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. And besides, MonArch listed 40 million rubles to the Edinaya Rossiya party as a sponsorship in 2015.

All this, as Yabloko indicated, helped to ensure the victory of Hambardzumyan in the auction to conclude a contract. In addition, the complaint stated that the amount of state contracts with MonArch is amounted to more than 35 billion rubles since October 2012.

In response, the businessman said that he is ready to give his contract to Yabloko at the same price, but expressed doubt that they will be able to "do something useful and necessary." All charges he called "sick imagination".

Head of the Moscow Science and Enterprise Department Oleg Bocharov, in turn, noted that the previous contractor performed the contract from bad faith, and now Moscow authorities are trying to recover 65.6 million rubles from it for the outstanding work. Answering about the absence of a construction project in the tender documentation the official explained that planned changes to the building are not construction works.



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