Leonid Tibilov's guns supermarket  

Leonid Tibilov's guns supermarket
The President of the South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov

The President of the South Ossetia has turned honorary arms fund to “corruption machine”, which have already brought in $100 mln.

The President of the South Ossetia has turned the award arms fund toa supermarket and has literally arranged a sale of gift «Glock» and «Beretta» guns, according to the CrimeRussia source. As reported, the «corruption machine» was officially established in 2012, and started to work actively with an appointment of Akhsar Lavoev as the Minister of Internal Affairs, who provides everyone who can pay a big sum of money with “Glock” and “Beretta” guns and chief of Leonid Tibilov’s bodyguard Valery Bikoev (Biko) helps him with it. The “CrimeRussia” has found some persons of interest among the "supermarket" customers, who have gave theirselves away with their "gifts" in the high-profile scandals. Find out more details about the case in our article.

According to the "CrimeRussia" source, Lavoev and Biko have organized a channel of guns sales and purchase as well on a “black market" in Georgia, where the full costing is about 3-4 thousand dollars. Guns are imported illegally in the South Ossetia, and then are registered as seized or voluntarily surrendered by citizens of the republic.


Photo: "Glock"


Photo: "Beretta"

According to the "CrimeRussia" source, Lavoev and Biko have organized a channel of guns sales and purchase as well on a “black market" in Georgia, where the full costing is about 3-4 thousand dollars. Guns are imported illegally in the South Ossetia, and then are registered as seized or voluntarily surrendered by citizens of the republic.

министр МВД Южной осетии Ахсар Лавоев.jpg

In February 2014, Biko handed five «Glock» guns to Deputy Interior Minister, chief of the criminal police Murtaz Valiev. By the order of Akhsar Lavoev, an act on the alleged detection of the guns in one of the abandoned houses near Tskhinvali was drawn up. After that the combat arms were put into an arsenal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the South Ossetia. And after a while, the President of the South Ossetia signed decrees on awarding these pistols. Among the awardees were Biko, his subordinate, as well as fighters of the republican Special Police Force fighters. According to the source, the guns, has already been registered on the territory of Russia. After passing certain licensing procedures, keeping and bearing of arms are legal on the territory of the Russian Federation.

As reported, the original document on awarding remains deposited in the Presidential Administration of the South Ossetia, and a copy of the document is handed to an awardee. In case of a request from Moscow, confirmation of validity of a decree is sent to a requester.

By the way, former Defense Minister of the South Ossetia Valery Yahnovets was suspected of involvement in distribution of award weapons, according to the "Echo of the Caucasus." As reported, the last two years were very active for Yahnovets and it is not connected with his service. Sources from the South Ossetia inform, that the General distributed awarded arms in Russia. Pistols made in Russia and abroad were imported to the South Ossetia, from Georgia particularly, and then were sold to clients with decrees on awarding “for special services” to the South Ossetia.

The “CrimeRussia” has found information about the criminal schemes used to resupply the arms fund on the Web.

первый заместитель министра МВД, начальник криминальной милиции Муртаз Валиев.png

Thus, in July 2015, a large channel of "Glock" pistols supply from Georgia to the South Ossetia was blocked. The NOGUASAMONGA.RU reported, that an automobile was stopped near the town of Mtskheta for the traffic violation. Search of the car revealed the"Glock-17" pistol and 20 rounds of its ammunition. During investigation of the case, detectives tracked down the entire group, which had systematically purchased "Glock-17" and "Glock-19" pistols on Georgian markets and transported them to the South Ossetia and distributed there. This is how a criminal scheme on the weapon resupply of the South Ossetia arms fund works.

Sale: $150 thousand and under

According to the CrimeRussia, nowadays the criminal business scheme with the participation of republic’s top officials runs faultlessly and brings its members a lot of money. Sure thing, rumors about sale in the South Ossetia arms fund spread far beyond the republic’s territory, businessmen and criminals are ready to buy a "gift" for big money to show off with it. According to a source, depending on the brand of a weapon businessmen pay up to $150 thousand for a gun. Nowadays, the number of the weapons sold has exceeded one thousand and about $100 million sum has been earned during the existence of the fund.  This is the scale of Leonid Tibilov’s corruption machine.

бывшей министр обороны Южной Осетии Валерий Яхновцев.jpg

To realize how cynic one should be to sell award weapons, we should turn to the tenth session of the South Ossetia Parliament (21 October 2009), when the Law "On weapons" was amended.

— An awarded weapon is a weapon obtained by military personnel and officers of state military organizations on the basis of the order of Heads of these organizations, as well as weapons received by citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia and foreign nationals on the basis of the South Ossetia President's decree, the decision of South Ossetia Government, awarded documents of Heads of foreign states and Heads of foreign governments, — it was declared during the Parliament meeting.

However, as practice shows, to get a “cool” gun one does not need to do something especial to deserve it. Money and a decree of Leonid Tibilov are needed only. This fact confirms that his involvement in the scheme is obvious.

The same story with Budantsev and Mihas

According to the “CrimeRussia”, hundreds of Russians have received guns from Tibilov’s award arms fund in such a way. People close to criminal circles, such as collector Eduard Budantsev who arranged shooting in the center of Moscow on Rochdelskaya Street with his former colleagues, are among the owners of such guns. That evening, the former First Deputy commander of the SWAT of Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime shot at the opponents with the "Beretta 92" gun, which he had received as an award from the President of the South Ossetia for participation in the events of 2008. It must be said, he could have received the gun with in any other way described above.


Photo: Shooting on Rochdelskaya Street

Our source reports, that award weapons is one of a few legal opportunities to get a gun for the Russians, and it is not surprising that there is an interest of wealthy people from criminalized structures to it. Thus, in 2007 leader of the “Solntsevo" gang Sergei Mikhailov, called Mihas, has also sued the Ministry of Internal Affairs because the Administration for protection of public order of the MIA had not let him to bring his award gun, which he had received from the Government of Armenia for special services, to the territory of Russian Federation. The Government of Armenia awarded Mihas 7.65 mm caliber pistol Sauer-38 (produced in Germany since 1938) for the provision of an active practical and legal assistance to the police of the Syunikinskaya Region of the Republic of Armenia.” What kind of assistance did the “Solntsevskiy” leader provide to the Armenian Police is not clear. Mikhailov's lawyer claimed a violation of his trustee’s constitutional right on disposition of his property by the MIA. However, Zamoskvoretskiy Court dismissed Mikhailov’s complaint.

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Photo: "Thieves in law" and Mihas

Thus, the President of the South Ossetia and his surroundings have organized the channel of purchase and distribution of arms under cover of the award fund for their personal financial gain. Lining their pockets, the South Ossetia officials have caused serious damage to Russian state policy on legal circulation of award weapons.



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