Leningrad Region official avoids punishment for robbery and bribe

Leningrad Region official avoids punishment for robbery and bribe
Artem Lebedev

The pre-Christmas theft of elite alcohol was caught on the video.

Deputy director of the MUP Zeleny Gorod Artem Lebedev avoided criminal punishment for stealing a bottle of elite alcohol and accepting a bribe of 30,000 rubles ($ 500). The first crime was caught on the video, and the briber told about the second one. In a personal correspondence with a lady, Lebedev called himself the deputy head of the Telmanovskoye village settlement and said that certain Stas helped him to get away with it, Mash na Moike reports. 

The theft of the beverage was committed before the New Year’ Eve. In a personal correspondence, the interlocutor asks Lebedev what had to be stolen in order for the theft to be assessed as a crime.

The bribery occurred in March 2019. The entrepreneur wanted to get the right to place for mobile tire-shop in Telmanovskoye. Lebedev was detained while receiving a bribe, but the investigation did not initiate a criminal case.

In the correspondence, Lebedev wrote that he avoided criminal responsibility because Stas helped him. The latter may be the head of the administration of the village Telmanovskoe, Stanislav Prikhodko.



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