Leningrad Prosecutor brought to trial, court calls ambulance  

Leningrad Prosecutor brought to trial, court calls ambulance
Upon hospitalization there were concerns Stanislav Ivanov had been poisoned but later he was diagnosed with leukemia

Stanislav Ivanov was urgently hospitalized into Oncology Division just after the Federal Security Service and the Investigative Committee of Russia started their extensive inspections of the Leningrad region Prosecutor's Office.

The Petrograd Court of St. Petersburg will wait two days until it reaches the verdict to the former Prosecutor of the Leningrad region Stanislav Ivanov, accused of receiving multi-million-ruble bribes. The delay is due to a health condition of the Judicial Counselor 3rd Class.

The Investigative Committee chose to hold the meeting in camera due to a wide public resonance associated with the case and the fact that the investigation materials might be read out at the hearing.

According to  Kommersant, there was a four-hour delay at the District Court meeting, initially scheduled for 3 pm on November 2 due to some problems associated with transfer of the defendant. Doctors of Gorbacheva Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Transplantation where Ivanov had been brought on October 11th diagnosed with acute leukemia claimed the patient was in a critical condition and could not be transported to the courtroom. However, ICR officers insisted on bringing Ivanov and so he was escorted wearing a medical mask, slippers and a catheter in his neck. The suspect’s guards were also wearing masks to prevent the risk of being infected.


Fifteen minutes into the hearing, the court had to adjourn the proceedings as the suspect claimed to feel worse and they called the ambulance. Yet, when doctors came, they chose not to hospitalize the former Prosecutor immediately and agreed meeting could go on.

Eventually, the court decided to postpone consideration of the motion by the investigation until November 4, formally extending his detention for 72 hours. Ivanov was taken back to hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, Anatoly Pchelintsev defending the former Prosecutor asked the court to limit the sentence to house arrest or bail because of his client’s poor health and weakened immunity system.


The Former regional Prosecutor was taken to court in sneakers and with a catheter in the neck

To remind: on October 21 it was reported that Ivanov had written a resignation letter. 10 days before this, the Leningrad region Prosecutor had suddenly been taken to St. Petersburg cancer clinic diagnosed with acute leukemia. The Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika told Rospotrebnadzor to meticulously examine his office for signs of toxic substances, however, no official results of the search were published. On October 31, the President dismissed Mr. Ivanov from the Prosecutor’s post, and some time later information surfaced that a criminal case had been initiated against the Prosecutor on suspicion of bribe-taking. 

The investigation has evidence that over the last two years, starting from 2014, Stanislav Ivanov has been taking monthly bribes from a few businessmen that could amount to 500 thousand rubles and up to 1 million. Apart from this, the businessmen would pay to the Prosecutor in the form of various services and acquisitions such as a Toyota Camry they purchased for him or his family vacations abroad they financed. Yesterday it was revealed that to get his money Ivanov didn’t even have to go so far from home: he would meet the businessmen at a luxurious Volna restaurant at Petrovskaya embankment, not far from the house where the prosecutor lived. The ICR believes the money was paid to ensure the businesses would get through all supervisory inspections without any problems.

Meanwhile, Kommersant believes that Ivanov’s urgent hospitalization was not triggered by his medical condition, but rather by the checks Federal Security Service and Investigative Committee of Russia started at the Prosecutor's Office two weeks ago. The Prosecutor must have used the hospital to avoid tough questions. Besides, before the criminal case started, the Prosecutor had a chance to undergo medical treatment abroad.



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