Lawyers of Yevgeny Dod ask to permit him a servant during his house arrest

Lawyers of Yevgeny Dod ask to permit him a servant during his house arrest
Yevgeny Dod

Lawyers of RusHydro former head Yevgeny Dod asked the Basmanny Court of Moscow to allow their client visits by the small staff of servants if he is placed under house arrest.

According to Life, lawyers asked to permit visits to the arrested of two teachers, two housekeepers and two cleaners, it is told in the petition of the defense.

Also, the defense asked the court to file the list of chronic diseases of Yevgeny Dod that could in the long term expand a circle of people, which will be able to visit the suspect under house arrest.

To recall, former head of PJSC RusHydro Yevgeny Dod was detained on June 22 on a charge of swindle. According to the investigators, Yevgeny Dod issued himself an award in the amount of 353,21 million rubles, estimating it at least by 73.2 million rubles. He categorically does not admit his guilt.

On December 19, the ICR decided to release Dod under house arrest. Measure of restraint of second person involved in scandalous criminal case over large-scale embezzlement, chief accountant of RusHydro Dmitry Finkel, was also changed.

TASS notes that the change of the measure of restraint is connected with payment by the former head of RusHydro Yevgeny Dod of about 200 million rubles of damage.

Yevgeny Dod was released from custody in a court room. Employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia escorted him to the place of house arrest in the apartment on Bolshaya Yakimanka. The arrested is not allowed to go outside, communicate with someone, except the family and to use mobile communication and the Internet.



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