Lawyers of Leningrad Region ex-Prosecutor consider his dismissal illegal

Lawyers of Leningrad Region ex-Prosecutor consider his dismissal illegal
Stanislav Ivanov

The defense of former Prosecutor of the Leningrad Region Stanislav Ivanov accused of taking a bribe intends to appeal against his dismissal from the Prosecutor's Office.

On December 19, the claim of Ivanov’s lawyers will be considered by the Moscow Tverskoy Regional Court, lawyer of the Leningrad Region former Prosecutor Anatoly Pchelintsev told.

The lawyer reasons illegality of dismissal of his client by the fact that he was on the sick-list at this time. Besides, Ivanov was informed neither of the order of his dismissal, nor of results of office investigation.

According to him, the former Prosecutor learned about his resignation from media though according to the law he should have been acquainted personally and under a signature.

To recall, Stanislav Ivanov wrote official report on dismissal in connection with problems with health in several days after hospitalization with suspicion of a leukosis. At the same time, the Federal Security Service carried out searches in the Prosecutor's Office of the Leningrad Region. After a while, on October 31 Ivanov was dismissed from the Prosecutor's Office for violation of the oath that deprives him of pensions it in the future, despite long-term length of his service in the Prosecutor's Office. On November 3 he was accused of bribe taking.

According to the investigation, within two years Stanislav Ivanov received bribes in the amount of at least 20 million rubles. In the monthly mode Ivanov received 0.5-1 million rubles, responding to the bribers with general protection.

Ivanov is currently on freedom – the investigation withdrew petition for placing him into custody in connection with the state of health.



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