Lawyer of Zakharchenko's civil wife falls unconscious in court

Lawyer of Zakharchenko's civil wife falls unconscious in court
Dmitry Zakharchenko

After the incident, the judge postponed the consideration of the case on 22 November.

Lawyer Maximilian Burov, representing the interests of former civil wife of Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko Irina Petrushina, swooned in the hall of the Nikulinsky court of the capital. This is reported by the correspondent of the Moskva City News Agency from the courtroom.

The hearing, during which the claim of the Prosecutor General's Office on the transfer of property Zakharchenko and his relatives is examined, began at ten in the morning and lasted about 10 hours. The judge announced only two breaks of 20 minutes. After Burov did the seven, a third break was announced, an ambulance was called, and after the judge said that the meeting was postponed to November 22.

Recall that on the eve the spouse of the Zakharchenko’s sister, who spoke at the meeting as a witness, said that the $120 million found in his wife's apartment might belong to him.

Another civil wife of the law enforcement officer Anastasia Pestrikova stated that she had no relationship with Zakharchenko, and the money found on her friend's account belonged to her father.

Prior to the investigation, Dmitry Zakharchenko served as the Deputy Head of the Department T of the Main Directorate for Economic Security and Combating Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the unit investigated crimes in the fuel and energy sector. Since September, the Colonel is in custody. He is charged with four episodes of bribes (Article 290 of the Criminal Code), Abuse of Office Powers (Article 285 of the Criminal Code) and Obstruction of Justice (Article 294 of the Criminal Code). During the search, about 8 billion rubles ($134.5m) were found, their exact origin is still unknown.



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