Kurgan region MIA ex-Head accuses FSB of covering gangs

Kurgan region MIA ex-Head accuses FSB of covering gangs
Igor Reshetnikov Photo: Igor Merkulov / URA.RU

Igor Reshetnikov continues to insist that the investigators are biased and the case was framed-up.⁠

Former Head of the Kurgan department of the MIA Igor Reshetnikov, accused of abuse of office, gave his last word in court today, March 23. He decided to devote his speech to exposing the FSB officers.

Igor Reshetnikov once again called his criminal case a frame-up, and investigators and prosecutors – prejudiced. In addition, the defendant named the leaders of the regional FSB department as "pseudo fighters with corruption". The ex-Chief of the MIA Central Board claims that his criminal prosecution was beneficial to the сhekists. In his opinion, special services' employees have close relations with representatives of the criminal world and practically cover gangs.

The former senior police officer said that in 2013 he tried to draw attention to the situation of illegal trafficking of alcohol in the region. However, the FSB, he said, was not interested in it.

In particular, the case concerned the illegal sale of alcohol by Achilles. Reshetnikov, according to him, ordered to document the crime. 120 thousand bottles of alcohol were confiscated. Reshetnikov claims that soon after the detection of counterfeit alcohol in the warehouses of Achilles and the initiation of a criminal investigation into this case, proposals were received from top-level officials of the FSB of the region to stop the case and leave Head of the company Andrey Vasilyev alone. Subsequently, the case was indeed terminated.

"I repeatedly informed (Dmitry) Sivak (Head of the FSB) in his office about the illegal actions of his employees, including about them covering up organized gangs of the region up to joint visits of his employees and bandits to Moscow to solve criminal issues”, – Znak.com cites Igor Reshetnikov.

After all that happened the ex-Head of the MIA found out that "Sivak ordered to collect compromising material on me". Meanwhile, law enforcers are still not interested in Reshetnikov's testimonies about the criminal activities of the chekists.

The defendant refused to admit his guilt and asked the court to acquit him. As The CrimeRussia wrote earlier, Reshetnikov is accused of illegally using the building of the rehabilitation center of the MIA of Russia in the Kurgan region, located in Ketovskiy district at recreation center Boldintsevo. In addition, according to investigators, the ex-Head of the MIA illegally managed the public funds allocated in the framework of the state defense order for the design of the Cynological Service Center. The investigation estimated the damage amount at 2 million rubles ($34 thousand).

The court will announce the sentence to Igor Reshetnikov on April, 19. The state prosecutor asks for a suspended sentence of 3-year imprisonment with probation for the same period in the episode with rehabilitation center Boldintsevo, and for amnesty in the episode with the design of the Cynological Service Center.



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