Krasnoyarsk police officers get $1.2k for refusing bribes 

Krasnoyarsk police officers get $1.2k for refusing bribes
Award ceremony

The deputy head of the Interdistrict Anti-Corruption Department has been awarded 50 thousand rubles ($750) by the regional head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Head of the MIA Main Directorate in the Krasnoyarsk region, Aleksandr Rechitsky, has awarded police officers who did not take bribes while on duty. The solemn event was held on August 30. During the ceremony, three police officers received cash bonuses.

Deputy Head of the Second Interdistrict Anti-Corruption Department, Lieutenant-Colonel Sergey Krivoruchenko, was given 50 thousand rubles. He had refused to take money from a businessman who demanded termination of the criminal prosecution against his individual entrepreneurship. Lieutenant-Colonel Konstantin Rybakov was awarded 30 thousand rubles ($450) for refusal to return the seized alcohol.

In addition, traffic police inspector of the Berezovsky district, Aleksandr Trishchenko, received a modest remuneration of 2,000 rubles ($30). He did not take money from a driver who did not have insurance, moreover, the man was in the country illegally. 



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