Krasnoyarsk official caught receiving $22.000 bribe

Krasnoyarsk official caught receiving $22.000 bribe

The government official 'assisted' the local businessmen in registration of land plots.

Director of a municipal government institution of the Kuraginsky district is suspected of receiving bribes in the amount of 1.3 million rubles (22 thousand dollars). This is reported by the press service of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in the region.

According to the investigation, from August to December 2016, the official received money from five local entrepreneurs in exchange for assistance with the registration of land. In particular, director helped registering objects of unauthorized construction, obtaining the pre-emptive right to land plot lease, and commissioning a shopping center.

As a result, a criminal case under Bribe-Taking by an Official has been initiated against the detainee. Investigation is currently looking into the circumstances of the crimes; a number of examinations has been appointed.



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