Krasnodar Vice-Mayor arrested for approving illegal transaction

Krasnodar Vice-Mayor arrested for approving illegal transaction
Olga Yakovleva

Olga Yakovleva has been taken into custody for two months.

The Krasnodar Court has detained the deputy head of the municipal formation of Krasnodar Olga Yakovleva on charges of abuse of office.

The ICR Department in the Krasnodar region refuses to comment on Yakovleva’s case, despite the fact that the appeal for the measure of restraint has already been considered in the regional court. However, the court upheld the previous decision.

Kommersant learned the details of the case against Vice-Mayor in charge of municipal property and urban land.

According to sources of the media outlet, Yakovleva is accused of breaking a number of regulations in 2016 while approving the transaction between a municipal unitary enterprise (MUP) and a commercial organization. The deal in question is the one between Vodokanal MUP and one of the Krasnodar companies, its name omitted, for the formation of a partnership with the purpose of joint implementation of the investment project. Vodokanal was responsible for the right to lease land under the reservoir station in the center of Krasnodar, where the investor was planning to build a multi-story parking lot. The unnamed company, according to the deal, was to reconstruct the water supply object. Later it was expected to change the type of use of the site.

Olga Yakovleva illegally agreed to the deal, thus exceeding her authority, Kommersant explained. In particular, no public hearings or auctions were held. Furthermore, according to the ICR, the form of partnership for the contract between Vodokanal and the investing company was unacceptable.


Olga Yakovleva, born in 1973, began her political career in the Administration of Krasnodar in the early 1990s.

In December 2015, Yakovleva was appointed Vice-Mayor of Krasnodar. She is responsible for the Department of Municipal Property and Urban Land, Legal Department and Financial Control Department.

According to the declaration, in 2015, her income was the highest among the vice-mayors, equaling 11.7 million rubles (the year before that she earned only 5.7 million rubles). It was noted in the document that a significant part of the sum was received from the sale of real estate. Meanwhile, she still owns a plot of land (1163 sq.m.), a residential house (385 sq. m.), two apartments (139 and 60 sq. m.), half of the share in the apartment (73 sq.m.), and a garage.

The husband of the Vice-Mayor received 6.4 million rubles the same year



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