Kopeysk's Mayor was detained by FSB in suspicion of taking bribes in the amount 2 million rubles for government contract 

Kopeysk's Mayor was detained by FSB in suspicion of taking bribes in the amount 2 million rubles for government contract
Vyacheslav Istomin

Vyacheslav Istomin was detained this morning during searches in the Administration’s building.

Law enforcement authorities raided and seized documents in the building of the Kopeysk city Administration of Chelyabinsk region. According to Chelyabinsk media, the Mayor Vyacheslav Istomin was detained at about nine o’clock in the morning by the regional FSB’s officers in his office. Eyewitnesses saw the mayor was taken out in handcuffs from the city hall.

As the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Chelyabinsk region stated, the case against Istomin has been already prosecuted. He is accused of taking bribes on a large and an essentially large scale (item b of Part of Art. 290, Part 6 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code).

According to the investigating authorities, the Mayor received a bribe for a total amount of not less than 2 million rubles. However, details of bribe taking have not yet been reported by law enforcement officers.

According to Telefakt, which refers to its sources, Istomin has received money from the businessman, who has become to supply the equipment for school canteens under the government contract without tender.

According Znak.com, a testimony on the Kopeysk Mayor may have been given by the former Head of the Department of Education Alexander Tutatchikov, who came to the attention of officers of the Federal Security Service in October 2015. Then he was arrested and interrogated. However, reasons for his detention are still unknown. The regional Department of FSB refused to comment on. Tutatchikov said he did not communicate with law enforcement agencies and did not be interrogated. According to unconfirmed information, the Head of the Kopeysk Department of Education detained on charges of improper use of budget funds. The next day after questioning Tutatchikov went to work and it is unknown about a commencement of criminal case against him.

With regard to the Kopeysk Mayor Vyacheslav Istomin it is considered the issue of charges and the choice of a preventive measure for him. The criminal investigation continues.


Vyacheslav Istomin was born in Chelyabinsk in 1967. From 1991 to 2004 he worked in business structures, and then became an official. In 2004-2006 he served as the Administration’s Deputy Chief of Chelyabinsk Metallurgical district in Housing and Utility Infrastructure Department, and from 2006 to 2011 he headed the Administration of the Leninsky district. He is the Head of Kopeisk city since September 2011, he was officially elected as the Head of the District on 4th December of the same year. In late 2014 he won first place in the survival’s ranking of regional Heads according to the news agency ChelyabinskSegodnya. Among the disadvantages of the Vyachelav Istomin’s governance the edition noted close relations with a team of the former Governor Mikhail Yurevich, the protracted utility conflict in the district and the lack of focus on special projects. The term of office of Vyacheslav Istomin expires this year. In the autumn 2016 elections of a new Mayor is to be held.

Video: the detention of Vyacheslav Istomin



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