Kopeysk Mayor was arrested on charges of taking bribes

Kopeysk Mayor was arrested on charges of taking bribes

The Chelyabinsk court arrested the Kopeysk Mayor Vyacheslav Istomin until 25 September.⁠

The Kopeysk Mayor Vyacheslav Istomin is arrested by the Chelyabinsk court until 25 September on charges of receiving a bribe of 2 million rubles.

According to investigators, the suspect, occupying the post of the Kopeysk Mayor, regularly received bribes in large and essentially large scale for the adoption of certain decisions, included in his terms of reference. The investigation suggested that the total amount of bribes is about 2 million rubles. In this regard, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened against him a criminal case for Bribe-taking in large and especially large scale.

Today the Chelyabinsk court considered a investigation's request with pre-trial restrictions in the form of arrest and granted it. The Kopeysk Mayor is arrested for two months - until 25 September.

Grounds for detention were investigation officers’ arguments that the detainee might abscond, lean on witnesses or destroy evidence.



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