Konteev set policemen up. 'Clean-up' in Sverdlovsk Interior Ministry began with testimony of convicted Vice-Mayor 

Konteev set policemen up. 'Clean-up' in Sverdlovsk Interior Ministry began with testimony of convicted Vice-Mayor
The former Vice-Mayor of Yekaterinburg told investigators a lot of interesting things

Significant personnel reshuffles in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) in the Sverdlovsk region and the arrest of four operatives of the regional UEBiPK were caused by the testimony of the former vice-mayor of Yekaterinburg, Viktor Konteev, the source of The CrimeRussia reports.⁠

In May the former Deputy Head of the city administration, sentenced in 2014 to 18 years of strict regime for bribe-taking, was briefly convoyed to Yekaterinburg for medical examination. Before returning to Nizhny Tagil’s colony-5, Konteev stayed in the city for only five days, but during this time he managed to talk with the employees of the ICR Office of Investigations for the Ural Federal District and gave them quite valuable testimony. In particular, notes the source of The CrimeRussia notes, it concerned the corruption of high-ranking officers of the regional interior affairs bodies.

The information voiced by the former Deputy Mayor was so interesting that the results of familiarization of the investigative bodies of the FSB and the iCR did not take long.

On June 18 Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed a number of generals of the ICR, the MIA and the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) by decree, among whom was the chief of police of the region and Deputy Head of the MIA Main Directorate for the Sverdlovsk region, Major-General Vladimir Romanyuk. The reasons for the dismissal were not traditionally specified, but it transpired that Romanyuk, who had worked in the Urals for 9 years, would return to Moscow, from where he came along with a number of other managers from the team of the Head of the MIA Main Directorate of the Sverdlovsk region, Mikhail Borodin. According to some reports, by the time of the official dismissal the general had even found a new job in the capital – in a well-known financial and industrial group with state participation. Meanwhile, a well-informed source notes that the real cause for Romanyuk's dismissal was the corruption scandal that erupted in the region after Victor Konteev's testimony.


Former police chief of the Sverdlovsk region Vladimir Romanyuk

Today it was rumored in Yekaterinburg that, following him, the interim chief of the police, Colonel Oleg Kurach, who replaced Romanyuk, resigned as well. However, the head of the press service of the MIA of the Sverdlovsk region, Valery Gorelykh, officially denied this information, stating that Kurach was on scheduled vacation.

Meanwhile, there is no smoke without fire. Currently, a large-scale ‘cleaning up of the ranks’ in the subordinated Sverdlovsk Central Board is being carried out by the employees of the regional FSB and the ICR. Within its framework, last week saw four officers of the Department on Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the MIA for the Sverdlovsk region Alexey Vorlinsky, Alexander Kosman, Nikolay Jukov and Evgeny Kulik being detained for provoking bribes. Then the article of the charge in their criminal cases was changed for Exceeding Official Powers (Art. 286 of the Criminal Code), in connection with which the court limited itself to choosing a preventive measure for them in the form of house arrest.


Officer of the MIA UEBiPK in the Sverdlovsk region Alexander Kosman

According to investigators of the FSB, anti-corruption fighters tried to instigate the head of the Department on Supervision in the Field of Use and Protection of Water Objects, Land Supervision of the Department of the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service in the Urals Federal District, Anton Lobanov, to take a bribe with the help of a local entrepreneur – "torpedo". The investigation believes the UEBiPK employees wanted to set the official up, increasing the disclosure performance this way.

Corruption scandals in the Sverdlovsk UEBiPK are not uncommon. In August 2016, senior operative in charge of especially important cases of the UEBiPK of the Sverdlovsk region, Lieutenant Colonel Evgeny Isayev was detained while receiving a bribe. A month later, Lieutenant-Colonel Maxim Kasatkin, Deputy Head of the Department on Detection of Tax Violations in Construction and Transport Fields of the UEBiPK was also caught red-handed. In January 2017 the FSB and the ICR conducted searches in the UEBiPK in Yekaterinburg and detained another officer of the Anti-Corruption Department. It is worth noting that, in addition to the FSB and the ICR, the Internal Security Directorate is conduction their own audit of personnel of the Sverdlovsk UEBiPK.


Alexander Kosman

The source of The CrimeRussia said that at present the investigators of the regional FSB and the ICR under the district's jurisdiction are massively summoning the officers of the MIA Main Directorate of the region to testify. Based on the results of the FSB's verification of law enforcement officers in Yekaterinburg, new criminal cases may be opened, and new episodes may be added to ones initiated earlier. According to the source of The CrimeRussia, in the light of these events a number of employees of the regional Central Board did not wait for detentions and left Yekaterinburg in order not to tempt fate.


Alexey Vorlinsky

From the testimony of Viktor Konteev it follows that for the past few years an organized criminal community consisting of operatives and high-ranking officials of the MIA has been operating in the city. Its liquidation entered into an active phase after a series of searches in the UEBiPK of Sverdlovsk MIA Main Directorate. The source notes that at the present time the issue on combining the criminal cases of the police officers of the Sverdlovsk region to one – on the fact of Creation of a Criminal Community (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) is on the agenda.


What it may bring about is well known based on the loud case of the gang of General Denis Sugrobov. At the end of April 2017, two dozen former subordinates of Lieutenant-General Sugrobov were sentenced to various terms for Participation in a Criminal Community (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and Exceeding Official Powers (part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code). The former head of the GUEBiPK of the MIA of the Russian Federation himself received 22 years in a strict-regime colony.



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