Kolokoltsev named most corrupt spheres in Russia

Kolokoltsev named most corrupt spheres in Russia
Vladimir Kolokoltsev

The MIA Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev gave the list of the most corrupt spheres in Russia. It included the public procurement, as well as construction, health care, science and culture.

The Head of the Presidential Administration Anton Vaino chaired a meeting of the Presidium of the Anti-Corruption Council. During the meeting, the MIA Minister Vladimir Kololtsev named the most corrupt spheres, among them, there were construction, health care and culture, said the Kremlin press service.

According to Kolokoltsev, "the spheres most vulnerable to criminal attacks are procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs, the construction (including housing), as well as maintenance of roads, health care, education, science and culture."

At the meeting, the MIA Minister spoke about the work of internal affairs agencies to combat the misuse of funds and embezzlement of budget. In addition, the participants discussed the ways to improve the system of corruption prevention. The particular attention the Council members paid to redressing the damages.

In April this year, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a national anti-corruption plan for 2016-2017. The first plan of this kind was adopted during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev in 2008. Then, as part of its execution, the officials were obliged to report their income.

Earlier this year, Putin demanded tough action on the "seizure and forfeiture to the State" of the corrupt officials’ property, and also instructed "to stop the attempts of bribing Russian officials" which are "made in foreign countries."

In late January, the international movement against corruption Transparency International published its annual ranking of the Corruption Perceptions Index. Russia was on 119nd place, being among group of countries with the highest levels of corruption. Nevertheless, it was the best result in the last four years. Next in the ranking were such countries as Guyana, Azerbaijan and Sierra Leone.



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