Kirov police officer was caught on a bribe in 16 million rubles

Kirov police officer was caught on a bribe in 16 million rubles
Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin

Concerning the law enforcement authority criminal case is already brought, he is detained.

Investigative Committee across the Kirov Region brought criminal case concerning the employee of Administration of Economic Safety and Anti-corruption of Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across the Kirov Region who was convicted of taking of a bribe in the amount of 16 million rubles.

As it is said in the Investigative Committee’s message, the fighter against corruption was detained by the staff of Administration of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the region. According to the investigators, during the period from June, 2016 to March, 2017 the law enforcement authority offered the Kirov entrepreneur general protection for 16 million 200 thousand rubles. The businessman received "protection" against any procedural checks for this money, besides, the police officer promised not to direct materials and statements for excitement concerning the entrepreneur of criminal cases. The entrepreneur agreed to this offer.

The suspect at first received the first tranche in the amount of 1 million 200 thousand rubles, and the day before, on March 9, 15 million more rubles were transferred to him. Then the police officer was detained by FSB.

In case of confirmation of fault, the employee will be dismissed from law-enforcement bodies. His direct heads will be brought to disciplinary responsibility.



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