"King of state contracts" arrested in Zakharchenko case testifies about theft from Russian Railways

"King of state contracts" arrested in Zakharchenko case testifies about theft from Russian Railways
Valery Markelov in the Basmanny Court

Businessman Valery Markelov, who was arrested in the case of Dmitry Zakharchenko, the former acting head of the Department “T” of the Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption of the MIA, testified to the investigators about the theft of the Russian Railways money.

According to Rosbalt, arrested by the Basmanny court of Moscow for a period of two months, Markelov named those who participated in the theft of billions of rubles, received from Russian Railways, and also laundered this money.

During interrogations, Markelov, in particular stated that one of the former top officials of Russian Railways “had also had a share,” a source from the law enforcement agency said.

According to Rosbalt, a member of the board of directors of AO Roszheldorproekt and co-owner of the largest contractor of Russian Railways, the 1520 group of companies Valery Markelov began to cooperate with the investigation in order to conclude a pre-trial agreement.

According to investigators, the role of the former colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zakharchenko, who received a monthly salary of $150,000 and “bonus” in the form of real estate and large sums of money from the plunderers of Russian Railways, provided patronage through law enforcement and intelligence agencies, being responsible for the security of the criminal scheme.

Together with his companions Boris Usherovich and Aleksey Krapivin – the son of former adviser to former Head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, in early 2018 Valery Markelov was named by Forbes magazine as the leader of the “Kings of the state contracts-2018” rating, for the fact that the controlled by him1520 group of companies received them from the Russian Railways state contracts for 218 billion rubles ($3.3 bln).

Shortly after the detention of Valery Markelov in Sochi on October 2, a whole group of 1520 managers went to cooperate with the investigation, testifying against the defendants in the case. It was reported that names of high-ranking officials, to whom the owners of the largest contractor of Russian Railways transferred bribes and apartments worth millions of dollars, were mentioned as well.

A few days after the arrest of Markelov, the ICR announced the federal search for co-owners of 1520 group of companies Boris Usherovich and Aleksey Krapivin, Usherovich’s assistant Dmitry Motorin, and also bankers Ivan Stankevich and Yury Obodovsky, who, according to the investigation, took part in the criminal scheme.



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