Khoroshavin family’s Volga and Lexus to be auctioned off 

Khoroshavin family’s Volga and Lexus to be auctioned off
Aleksander Khoroshavin in the courtroom

The Federal Bailiff Service stressed that only the Volga GAZ-21 officially belonging to the former Governor and his son’s Lexus will be put up for auction. There’s no information as to whether the earlier confiscated Bentley Continental is going to be sold too.

In the coming days Sakhalin will hold an online trading with the two court-seized cars the family of Aleksander Khoroshavin used to own, a white Volga GAZ-21 and a Lexus.

The Sakhalin’s Federal Bailiff Service reported that Aleksander Khoroshavin’s cars had been taken from a garage of Uyun recreation center where the Sakhalin’s authorities spend their vacations; the cars had been there for the last eighteen months. Up until his arrest, Khoroshavin was domiciled in the center, located in an ecologically pristine area in a town near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The confiscated cars were taken over by the Sakhalin’s Federal Agency for State Property Management.


According to the TASS, they will stay in the municipal parking lot till it is decided to pass them over to the state or hold an auction with the profit becoming state revenue.


Meanwhile, family's lawyer Denis Ivchenkov said it is premature to sell the automobiles since Khoroshavin family’s defense intends to appeal the verdict. According to the attorneys, the former governor could well afford buying the two cars (the Lexus is estimated at 2.5 million rubles and the Volga is worth 2 millions), since he earned between 7 and 8 million rubles a year.


The Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Court confiscated Khoroshavin family’s property worth 1.1 billion rubles in 2015, with the family members unable to explain as to where exactly it had come from. Khoroshavin and his family appealed the confiscation verdict in the Constitutional Court.

As you may recall, the former Sakhalin Governor was arrested in March 2015 on suspicion of bribe-taking and creating a gang. According to investigators, the total amount the gang had received from Sakhalin businessmen reached 522 million rubles.



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