Khamovniki Chief Investigator arrested for bribe to be dismissed

Khamovniki Chief Investigator arrested for bribe to be dismissed

Kruglyansky’s superiors will be reprimanded.

Major Andrey Kruglyansky, the Chief Investigator in the Khamovniki district, arrested on suspicion of bribery, will be dismissed from the bodies.

The Moscow MIA press service stated that the decision to dismiss Kruglyansky on "negative grounds" has already been taken. Besides, the Major’s superiors will be subject to "strict disciplinary action" that may go as far as to deprive them of the high positions they have.

As we wrote before, the Federal Security Service arrested Andrey Kruglyansky today on suspicion of taking a 2-million-ruble bribe. The authorities say the Major acted as an intermediary while two men detained for robbery were passing the money to the court officials and the investigating authorities. The bribe was meant to mitigate their punishment. The investigation has withheld both the names of the bribe-givers and the bribe-takers.

Kruglyansky’s arrest may also be linked to Yulia Gorbacheva, the Khamovniki Deputy Prosecutor, who had been arrested before that and who tried to bribe the judge in 2015. The investigating authorities have identified a new episode of the corruption case that now features the major as a suspect, Life’s source said.

May we remind you that according to the investigation, the family of one of the defendants offered Gorbacheva to act as intermediary during the transfer of a 3-million-ruble bribe. The woman had to negotiate with the federal judge who ran the case to deliver a more lenient sentence. The judge however chose to go to the Federal Security Service. 



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