Khabarovsk businessman, making hay on state contract for 20 million rubles, was taken into custody

Khabarovsk businessman, making hay on state contract for 20 million rubles, was taken into custody

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of the region Denis Kireev, was detained for covering the constuction firm.⁠

In the city Sovetskaya Gavan in Khabarovsk Region the criminal case against 49-year-old entrepreneur, the Director of construction company Malachite. He is charged under article Swindling committed by a group of persons by prior agreement with the use of official position in an especially large scale. The businessman became a defendant in the case, with reference to which it had already arrested the 39-year-old Deputy Minister of Construction in Khabarovsk Region Denis Kireev. It is necessary to note that the official, at the time of committing offense, served as the Deputy Head of Sovetskaya Gavan.

The investigation revealed that in 2013 the city administration concluded three municipal contracts for performing works on seismic houses

with the construction company LLC Malachite. The contract amount was 38.8 million rubles. It was spent only 18.2 million rubles ot all the sum, because the entrepreneur decided to significantly save on building materials. As a result from the Russian budget it was stolen 20.6 million rubles.

Previously, the CrimeRussia reported that Denis Kireev, who had at that time the post of Deputy of Sovgavan, helped the businessman to cash in on state contracts. For concealing unreliable disclosure the official has received 1.9 million rubles. With respect to the official the case was opened under article Bribe-Taking in an especially large scale (part 6, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code).

In relation to 49-year-old businessman the case under Bribe-taking in a large scale (part 5, Art. 291 of the Criminal Code) and Swindling (part 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) was opened.

The Head of construction company is under arrest. As reported by regional media, in the implementation of the seismic retrofit program there were appeared problems more than once. In 2015 it became clear that two apartment houses, which were living up to 180 families, were left without gas for 7 months because of the fault of the builders, who were to perform the work on seismic retrofit. 



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