Key witness against Shakro Molodoy gives in-depth testimony

Key witness against Shakro Molodoy gives in-depth testimony
Zakhar Kalashov

The FSB is yet to name the primary witness, but it could only be a person who knew all the inner workings.

The FSB has obtained the names of all those who took part in the negotiations aimed to have Zakhar Kalashov’s crony Andrei Kochuykov (Italianets) out of jail for a bribe, as well as the names of those who financed the operation. As Rosbalt reported referring to its sources, it was one of the key witnesses who shared some valuable information with the investigation. The person that gave the game away has not been named yet.

This witness could be a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Yevgeny Surzhikov, who was supposedly present at the Italianets talks with senior officials of the Russian Investigative Committee, with Zakhar Kalashov, and with the businessmen who provided financial support. Denis Bogorodetsky is another likely crucial witness. His name had not been disclosed until recently. Alexander Lamonov, a former police officer and assistant deputy chief of the Interagency Cooperation and Internal Security Department, was arrested in late July 2017. According to CrimeRussia sources, Denis Bogorodetsky was both a link in the chain of bribe intermediaries and a friend of Alexander Lamonov, while also being a friend of Yevgeny Surzhikov. Bogorodetsky in his testimony allegedly admitted that he had asked Lamonov if he could bail Kochuykov out, but the latter gave a resolute refusal and said one should not negotiate with thieves.

Yesterday, both witnesses had their sentences changed quite unexpectedly and a house arrest was imposed on both. According to Rosbalt, this happened right after the FSB investigators handling Shakro Molodoy’s case had started seeing “the full picture". According to the source, the investigation under Art. 210 had not been making any progress for a long time and Kalashov’s involvement just could not be proven as many businessmen and influential people involved in the events left Russia as soon as the investigation had started.

"Igor Borisenko, the former advisor to the chairman of the Supreme Court, has not been available to anyone for several months. Even his closest friends cannot find him. He disappeared after the FSB had obtained testimonies against him. There is another person who has been hiding abroad for months on his friend's yacht, both are billionaires. The third person is also a rich and influential businessman, he is hiding in Spain. They all, just like Borisenko, left Russia after the FSB had shown interest in them," said the Rosbalt source.

Now the investigators know all the details of the bribery of the high-ranking ICR employees, as well as the intermediaries and businessmen behind the deals. They know exactly who met when, where and with whom. "Only a person who knew all the inner workings and was present at the negotiations from Shakro’s side could have reported this all" the source of the agency said.



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