Keeper of Nota-Bank’s millions 

Keeper of Nota-Bank’s millions

New information on the case of Colonel Zakharchenko, who was arrested on charges under three articles until November 8, adds to his "rainmaker" image, helping the defendants of pretty much all high-profile cases to escape punishment to his own advantage.

After the court imposed a pre-trial restraint in the form of detention for Zakharchenko, a law enforcement source told RIA News that the huge amount of currency equaling 8.5-9 rubles seized from the Colonel's apartment is the third part of the funds stolen from Nota-Bank, the license of which had been revoked by the Central Bank last year, and the money does not belong to Zakharchenko.

However, the money has been taken for safekeeping from persons who had stolen it from Nota-Bank. According to the CrimeRussia’s source, Zakharchenko’s own funds are safely stored in one of the Swiss banks; the account details are available to the publication.

The bank's licence was revoked on November 24, 2015. As the Central Bank of Russia has reported, the licence was revoked due the difference between the bank's liabilities to depositors and all of its assets amounting to 26 billion rubles.

The bank had been serving business structures of the military and industrial sector for a long time.

The investigation of Nota-Bank's billions embezzlement case intensified in Summer 2016, when the officials of the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption and the Federal Security Service detained two bank's top managers, Erokhin brothers, followed by the detention of financial director Marchukova, who is personally familiar with Zakharchenko, since they are fellow countrymen (the investigators have not yet named their homeland).


The law enforcement officers received information on Zakharchenko's involvement in the crime soon after these detentions. According to investigation, wishing to help his compatriot (it is still unknown whether he did it for free or for a payoff), the Colonel warned her about the investigative activities and offered his sister's apartment as a repository for cash.

The CrimeRussia has earlier reported that the colonel had been assisting designer Fatima Misikova, who had been fleeing from prosecution for the case of firing on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow.


He had warned her about the impending arrest, and then she faked her death and fled abroad.

It was her who later testified against her own rainmaker.

It was also due to the information received from the Acting Head of the Department T at the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption, who took the position after the arrest of the Department Head Denis Sugrobov, that Former Director General of Beeline, Head of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin managed to take a lower profile in Nice the other day.

In addition, the sources report that the colonel has been allegedly engaged in money-laundering of one of the Moscow banks using his official powers.

Maybe it has been Nota-Bank with its deficit of assets in the amount of 26 billion rubles. The first complaint for institution of criminal proceeding under Swindling in respect of unidentified persons connected with Nota-Bank administration has been lodged by Mostotrest, whose main shareholder is Blagosostoyanie Non-State Pension Fund, previously owned by Igor Rotenberg's Marc O'Polo Investments, son of Arkadiy Rotenberg.

According to the complaint, Mostotrest made a deposit in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles on August 5, 2015, which was Nota-Bank's condition for issuing a bank guarantee to Transstroymekhanizatsiya for the amount of 2.4 billion rubles.

The money was intended for the reconstruction of the Khabarovsk airport Novy. АРКС Construction Company owned by the Singaporean ARKS group holding, in which a billionaire Gennady Timchenko also had interest, also had a deposit of 700 million rubles in the bank. Just like other structures, who also had their accounts in the same bank.

However, on October 13, the Central Bank introduced temporary administration and disconnected Nota-Bank from the electronic payment system.

Let us recall that it is the fourth serious abuse of government office committed by Zakharchenko, which came to light on September 10. According to the CrimeRussia’s source, new offenses of the colonel, involved in many crimes due to his awareness and influence, may be revealed in the near future.



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