Karelian Road Board chief arrested upon bribery case

Karelian Road Board chief arrested upon bribery case
Alexey Nikitin

Alexey Nikitin is suspected of three corruption episodes, and one of them is a bribe taking on an especially large scale.⁠

The Head of the Road Administration of the Republic of Karelia will remain in custody until July 26, 2017. Such a decision was made by the court of Petrozavodsk, having satisfied the petition of the investigation.

According to the employees of the ICR, the suspect could interfere with the investigative actions and destroy the evidence against him, or, using official position, put pressure on the witnesses.

The defender of Nikitin asked the court to mitigate the measure of restraint and leave the official under house arrest with a pledge of 500 thousand rubles ($8.800), which former wife of the suspect Elena Nikitina was ready to pay.

According to Interfax, Nikitin is suspected of three episodes of corruption, but at the moment, charges are brought against only one of them - under part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for criminal liability for bribery on an especially large scale.

According to the investigation, Nikitin and his deputy helped certain commercial organizations to obtain state contracts with the Administration of Karelia from 2015 to 2017. The amount of funds they received from entrepreneurs amounted to at least 2.7 million rubles ($47.700).



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