Kaliningrad prosecutor fired for briber became Governor Belykh’s lawyer 

Kaliningrad prosecutor fired for briber became Governor Belykh’s lawyer
Belykh’s lawyers: Olga Mikhaylova, Vadim Prokhorov and Valery Volokh Photo: Screenshot from the svoboda.org video

The Kirov Governor Nikita Belykh’s lawyer himself is under investigation and travel restrictions from Kaliningrad.

One of the lawyers who represent the interests of the Governor Nikita Belykh in court, is the Kaliningrad prosecutor suspected of bribery. Moreover, he has already been sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony, but his defense appealed the court's decision and he is now under travel restrictions. At the same time, the other day, he and Belykh’s other lawyers defended him at the Moscow City Court.    

Валерий Волох

In September 2012, the Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case against the District Prosecutor of the Kaliningrad Region Valery Volokh on suspicion of taking bribes. According to the investigators, in early March 2012, the public prosecutor through an intermediary received a bribe in the amount of 300 thousand rubles, and in mid-March he received another one in the form of a Longines pocket watch made in 1913. He was detained in the preparation of the third bribe of 155 thousand rubles on 25th of August 2012. For bribes Voloh ignored fraud with the money of the local mental hospital patients. According to the investigators, the head physician of the Psychiatric Hospital № 5 persuaded the patients to issue powers of attorney on her name to manage their funds. After that, through an intermediary, she bought things and products indicated in applications overstating the purchase price 5-10 times. Then these things and products were given to the patients, and the proceeds from the machinations were divided between the parties of fraud.    

In October of the same year, Volokh was removed from his post. In January 2015, the Central District Court of Kaliningrad found former prosecutor of the Nesterovsky District Valery Volokh guilty of the crime under p. 5, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (receiving a bribe by an official through the intermediary on a large scale for the commission of illegal acts in favor of the briber, if such acts and omissions are included in the official authority of the official). Volokh was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in a penal colony with a fine of 10 times the amount of bribe in the amount of 3.3 million rubles. 

Later, the lawyers have managed to appeal the sentence of the former prosecutor. In April 2016, the case was sent back to the court. Volokha himself was released on travel restrictions.

At the same time he was placed in the register of the Chamber of Attorneys of the Moscow Region. The corresponding number for him was secured on April 20, 2016.

Скрин с сайта Адвокатской палаты Московской области

The prosecutor's office of the Kaliningrad region has already claimed that an investigation will be carried out as Volokh being under travel restrictions got to Moscow and now defends the Governor Belykh in court.

Another lawyer, Olga Mikhailova, said she had seen Valery Volokh only a few times, Nikita Belykh had never met him and he probably had been hired by the Governor’s relatives, reports Interfax.    

Nikita Belykh was detained in Moscow on June 24, 2016. According to the investigators, the Governor personally and through an intermediary received a bribe on a large scale for a total amount of 400 thousand euros (24.1 million rubles). On the eve, the Moscow City Court upheld his detention until 24 August. He is charged under p. 6 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (bribery in especially large amount).

The Governor does not plead guilty. At the hearing on the pre-trial restrictions, Belykh said that he "never received any bribes and was not going to."



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