Justice Ministry listed cases of "forced corruption"

Justice Ministry listed cases of "forced corruption"

Earlier, the ministry offered not to punish officials for violating the law under "force majeure circumstances."

In closed settlements, single-industry towns, in the Far North, it is difficult to comply with the anti-corruption legislation, the Ministry of Justice believes. Thus, the state agency offered to forgive officials in cases of "forced corruption." In addition, civil servants could be forgiven if former members of their families refuse to provide information on income and expenses, or an official himself does not provide a declaration due to a long and serious illness.

In a conversation with a RBC journalist, Anatoly Vyborny, a deputy chairman of the Duma anti-corruption committee, mentioned another case in which officials could violate anti-corruption legislation involuntary. It concerns the case of getting the inheritance from a relative who died abroad. An official who cannot have assets outside Russia should go abroad to refuse the property, but this is not always possible. For example, a heir may get sick or be on the list of the banned to entry a country.



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