Judge, who is first Dagestani President's brother, is accused of taking bribes

Judge, who is first Dagestani President's brother, is accused of taking bribes

The judge Makhach Aliyev claims that 400 thousand rubles had been planted to him.

Against the judge of the Soviet District Court of Makhachkala Makhach Aliyev it was opened a criminal case under items (b, с), part 5 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code, the Prosecutor's Office of Dagestan reported. The judge is suspected of receiving a bribe of 400 thousand rubles for the sentence, not connected with deprivation of freedom, TASS reported.

A criminal case was opened on 30 September. The Prosecutor of Dagestan supervises this investigation personally.

It is known that the accused judge Makhach Aliyev is the brother of the former President of Dagestan Muha Aliev. As the Rosbalt noted, the case against the judge Aliyev was to initiate in November 2015, but the judge appealed the decision of the Qualification Commission of the Republic of Dagestan in the Higher Qualification Commission of Judges.

Aliyev claimed that the money was thrown by the mother of one of the defendants, with whom he was familiar. While the judge was talking to other guests, the mother of the defendant threw 400 thousand rubles into his cabinet and left the room. When Aliyev found money, he ran after the woman and was detained by operatives in the corridor.

However, members of the Qualification Commission considered requests of an initiation a criminal case against Aliyev legitimate, that is why the brother of the first President of Dagestan is waiting for hearing.



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