Italian complains about health problems

Italian complains about health problems

The member of the Public Monitoring Committee Yelena Abdullayeva checked the health conditions a prisoner kingpin.

The kingpin Andrey Kochuykov – the subordinate of the mafia boss Shakro Molodoy, who was arrested on charges of extortion from the owner of the restaurant Elements Joanna Kim - reported about his health problems, in particular, increased frequency of headaches. In order to check the health conditions, the prisoner was transferred from the jail Matrosskaya Tishina (Sailor’s Silence) to Lefortovo, where Kochuykov will be MRIed. In prison, he was visited by the member of the Public Monitoring Committee Elena Abdullayeva.

In general, Abdullayeva is satisfied with the check. According to her, the detainee feels fine and is awaiting an MRI. In addition, Kochuykov, as a believer, hopes for the return of his religious literature, as it is the time of fasting.

It is to be recalled that the Italian was arrested after a shootout in the restaurant Elements during which two of his henchmen were killed. After the FSB investigation, three senior investigators who, according to the investigation, received a bribe of 1 million dollars for the release of Kochuykova, were detained.



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