“It was not Frolov and Vasilyeva workingd with Cherkalin – he protected with high-ranking officials”: banker makes resonant statement

“It was not Frolov and Vasilyeva workingd with Cherkalin – he protected with high-ranking officials”: banker makes resonant statement

The businessman who did not give a bribe to Cherkalin told about how the head of the Department 'K' worked, and who was behind him.

Head of the Department ‘K’ of the Economic Security Service of the FSB of Russia, Colonel Kirill Cherkalin, still leaves the public with questions due to his record of 12 billion rubles ($183 mln) found during searches in his apartment.

The Russians are wondering how it was possible to get such an estate on the sly on the country's state security.

The ex-owner of the bank, the license of which was revoked, agreed to give answers to some questions. The man considers himself a victim of the actions of Cherkalin, but did not agree to reveal his name.

As the businessman said, his small but very successful bank was liquidated in retaliation for refusing to pay bribes to extortionists in uniform.

Last December, the former owner of the bank began to be disturbed by rumors that someone was spreading among clients that the bank was not doing well. In fact, this was not the case. Then the businessman asked to arrange a meeting with the director of the department of financial monitoring and currency control of the Central Bank, Yuri Polupanov. An interesting fact is that last week a number of sources gave unconfirmed information about the possible withdrawal of Polupanov. At the official meeting with the protocol, the director of the financial monitoring department gave an answer to the banker that there were no complaints against the bank, the indicators were normal.

“A few days later I had my first meeting with Kirill Cherkalin, the head of the second department of the Department ‘K’,” the source explained.

Cherkalin wrote to the businessman and offered to meet at a restaurant on the 5th floor of the Central Department Store. The officer of the FSB showed some documents and assured that a certain prescription was really being prepared.

It was about the prescription for the increased volume of "bad transit" five times. It became known that our client of the bank paid through it to another client, the third one and so on along the chain. From the fifth bank from an unknown client, some funds went somewhere. The officer of the FSB insisted that the money went "to buy trade revenues and withdraw funds abroad" and threatened with consequences.

Although the bank owner reasonably asked: “But what have we got to do with it?”

At this point, the banker recalled that his colleagues had previously warned about a certain group of people who specifically created problems for banks and offered a "cover" for a certain amount. At the same time, often the "cover" does not work, and the license is still revoked.

"At the same meeting, Cherkalin suggested that I resolve the issue for €500,000, not hesitating to say it directly. After that, he cynically reminded the banker that he was his comrade, who needed nothing. And money? According to the colonel, they had to go to other people.

“He made the best impression: a sweet, gentle, courteous person. Cherkalin is able to speak, reason, win your favor. He can talk a lot and for a long time about how bad life is in this country, how stuffy it is, and so on. An absolutely professional recruiter,” the victim shared his personal impressions.

The businessman admits that at first he got angry with such a proposal and said that he would challenge the prescription, but would not give money and would close the bank better. But then he realized that for the sake of business one needs to play a certain game.

“It’s not impossible to refuse to such people like that,” the businessman who lost his bank recalls.

The businessman began to drive Cherkalin “by the nose”, promising to pay “tomorrow,” and so on, day after day, since he allegedly had no money.

But then the son of his partner married the daughter of a very high-ranking official. It was a loud and gorgeous event for the capital. And photos from the extremely expensive holiday were in the press. Here Cherkalin got furious.

Be said directly: "You say that you have no money, crying that you have nothing to pay, but yet you organize such weddings..."

Bankers had to discuss more substantively Cherkalin's proposal for cooperation.

A total of four meetings took place: two at TSUM and two at a restaurant on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, not far from Cherkalin’s house.

However, the businessmen never gave a bribe, and the bank’s license was revoked.

“We learned about this 3 days before the interim administration of the Central Bank arrived at the bank. But we managed to pay all the customers and return their money; equity was all we have left. The temporary administration came to the bank; no criminal cases were initiated. Since not the slightest sign of bankruptcy was found, the court sent it for liquidation,” the victim explained the situation.

Later, according to the banker, he found out that Cherkalin personally submitted operational materials for revoking the license.

In addition, the businessman made an assumption as to exactly how Colonel Cherkalin had earned such a huge amount of money. He believes that 12 billion was the revenue received from illegal operations on cashing and illegal withdrawal of funds abroad.

In his understanding, the market was controlled by the “main fighters,” who realized that it was necessary to head what was impossible to fight.

“At the same time, I’m not sure that detained Frolov and Vasilyeva were part of Cherkalin’s group. I believe that as an active officer of the FSB, Cherkalin protected banks together with some other high-ranking officials,” the source made a resonant statement.

To recall, during a search on April 25, 12 billion rubles were found on Colonel of the Banking Unit of the Department 'K' of the Russian Federal Security Service, Kirill Cherkalin. He is currently in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center.



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