It's not me, and over there what you see is not my condo. Where are real properties and wife of Deputy Vladislav Reznik? 

It's not me, and over there what you see is not my condo. Where are real properties and wife of Deputy Vladislav Reznik?
Deputy Vladislav Reznik has chosen to settle in sunshine Miami – one of the most expensive cities in the US Photo: The CrimeRussia

For several years already, Russian officials and Deputies have been hastily ‘sliding into poverty’ through divorces: ‘rich’ wives and assets disappear from their property declarations without a trace. Vladislav Reznik, a Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, has found another way to grow poor – he just stopped listing his lawfully wedded wife in the declarations.

Every year, anti-corruption declarations of civil servants and people’s representatives bring plenty of surprises. Incomes of some people are skyrocketing, while others are being reduced to poverty. Normally, the officials become ‘impoverished’ after divorces: their uniformly rich ex-wives take away the wealth of government employees.

Meanwhile, Vladislav Reznik, the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, has found another way to reduce his income: blatantly ignoring the rules, he just stopped listing his lawfully wedded wife Diana Gindin in anti-corruption declarations. This was a truly wise move because not only does Diana Gindin own real properties in the US, but, according to some media, has an American citizenship as well. Back in 2014, the declaration filed by Reznik included both his spouse and an impressive list of her assets, but a year later they have disappeared without a trace. As a result, the total income of Reznik has dropped by more than 300 million rubles, while the total area of his real properties reduced by almost 10 times. No information is available about the alleged conflict in this noble family – which indirectly indicates that the family is, in fact, OK – but there are plenty of interesting details related to their condo in the US.

The location of the ‘love nest’ of the Reznik–Gindin family is truly impressive. The spouses have chosen a condo in sunshine Miami – one of the most expensive cities in the US according to the data published by the Miami City Hall. Apparently, a Russian neighborhood is about to emerge in Miami soon – Deputy Vladimir Pekhtin and Ivan Karnilin, the Mayor of Nizhny Novgorod, also own real estate in this city. Furthermore, Karnilin had purchased the property using the ‘method of Rezink’ – via his wife who has become an ex-wife shortly after the deal closure.

But Reznik has gone much further. Fist, he has considerably understated the living space of the luxury residence. The declaration shows the living space of 224 square meters, while according to the Miami City Hall web-site, it is 245.5 square meters.


Screenshot showing property information for the residence owned by Diana Gindin

Based on the documents, it is hard to imagine luxuries enjoyed by Vladislav Reznik and his spouse. The market value of the unit belonging to Diana Gindin is $3.7 million. The mere description of Bal Harbor condominium, where it is located, indicates unbelievable luxury. A next-door unit offered for sale by neighbors of Gindin provides some insight into the hard life of this family in a far-off land.

Apparently, Deputy Reznik was so much impressed with the amazing seaside views that he has got a slight amnesia – and included this condo into his declaration only in 2012, although it had been purchased back in 2008. By the way, some Olga V. Petrova – a namesake of a sister of notorious ‘criminal authority’ Gennady Petrov – had witnessed the agreement of purchase and sale for this unit in Bal Harbor. Gennady Petrov has become famous in 2008, after being arrested by the Spanish police, and his good friend Vladislav Reznik had to refresh his memory again.

In 2008, while Diana Gindin was settling in the new Miami condo, the electorate of Reznik, together with other Russian Internet users, have become aware that he owns a villa in Spain (82 Avenida del Mar). Shortly before this, the Spanish police had performed searches in the Spanish mansion of the Russian parliamentarian in the framework of Troika special operation that has resulted in arrests of members of Russian organized criminal groups, including Gennady Petrov. The investigation has found that the friendship between the Deputy and the ‘criminal authority’ was so close that Reznik had purchased the villa and yacht from Petrov. The Spanish police had even issued an international warrant against Vladislav Reznik on suspicion of involvement into Tambovskaya organized criminal group and money laundering in Spain.

It would seem that Reznik had to be deprived of his Deputy's seat for the suspicious friendship with criminal ‘authorities’. But in the course of the investigation, such names as Serdyukov, Gref, and Gryzlov had popped-up – so the findings of Spanish investigators have been declared a provocation and enemy propaganda. No action had been taken, attorneys have managed to annul the international warrant against Reznik. Now he can suffer from home-sickness either in Spain or Miami without any issues.



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