Irkutsk: Taishet Mayor’s accomplice under house arrest

Irkutsk: Taishet Mayor’s accomplice under house arrest
Taishet Mayor Aleksandr Velichko

The businessman is accused of a large-scale swindling.⁠

Aleksandr Krasilnikov, VAV CEO and accessory in fraudulent crime with Irkutsk artesian wells, has been put under house arrest. Just as Taishet Mayor Aleksandr Velichko, he is charged under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling committed on an especially large scale).

Meanwhile, the senior official was put in a detention center for two months by the court order. According to investigation, Velichko illegally gave VAV CEO Krasilnikov four Taishet’s artesian wells in 2013 to be fully owned. Whereas the said wells had been made by local authorities for the budget money.

It should be noted that Aleksandr Velichko became mayor in September 2016 having won the election with 42.93% of votes. Before Velichko was elected mayor he had been Teplosnabzheniye (Heating) CEO in Taishet.



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