Investigators gather "ferroconcrete" evidence to incriminate Drymanov

Investigators gather "ferroconcrete" evidence to incriminate Drymanov
Alexander Drymanov

RIA Novosti told in details how the ex-head of the Moscow Investigative Committee had been detained.

Alexander Drymanov, the former Moscow head of the Investigative Committee, was charged with at least two counts of corruption, RIA Novosti reported citing a source.

The source assumed there was enough evidence for more counts and stressed the FSB would not have gone as far as detaining the official if the investigators did not have "ferroconcrete" evidence.

"The investigative authorities are currently piecing together a variety of evidence, and there may be three and four counts eventually," the source said.

New detentions are possible, the source assumed, since Drymanov’s inner circle is going to be questioned; some of his friends are suspected of complicity.

Earlier, Drymanov had reportedly been detained at a meeting at a Moscow business center. He is presently in the Lefortovo jail pending trial that will be held tomorrow.

According to preliminary reports, the former Moscow head of the ICR is accused of bribery along with his former subordinates: Mikhail Maksimenko (the head of the ICR Security Department), Alexander Lamonov (his deputy) and Denis Nikandrov (first deputy head of the Moscow ICR Central Investigation Department). The latter was the one who testified against his former boss.

It was also reported that Drymanov was to be detained after the verdict to Colonel Maksimenko came into force, but then it was decided to speed up the investigation, since the general began the paperwork to acquire the status of a lawyer in the Volgograd region, which would have made him unreachable to the FSB, and only the Investigative Committee could have initiated a case against him.



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