Investigator ruined Belykh’s wedding in pre-trial detention center

Investigator ruined Belykh’s wedding in pre-trial detention center

Nikita Belykh, who stands accused of taking a bribe of 400 thousand euros, was supposed to get married today with a poet Ekaterina Reyfert.⁠

On Tuesday, Belykh filed a petition to allow him to marry in the Lefortovo prison, but the investigator refused his request. The grounds for refusal are unknown. Meanwhile, today the disgraced Governor was supposed to wed with Ekaterina Reyfert, a 30-year-old poet from Moscow. Belykh and his fiancée had planned the ceremony before the official was detained with marked cash.

Belykh and Reyfert met on Facebook, but now the poet’s personal webpage is blank – all posts and photos have been hidden. Reyfert is known to be modest, she graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Moscow State University. "A poet, an observer, and a philosopher," as Ekaterina calls herself, she prefers "silence, shooting practice, and fine books."

Reyfert does not speak to the press, as she has signed a pledge of secrecy in the investigation of the Belykh case.

- They met on Facebook, - one of her friends told, as quoted by REN TV. - It was in the spring, Nikita saw Ekaterina’s photo and personally wrote to her. They met, and eventually realized that they belonged to each other. It was an unusual love story by modern standards, no restaurants and clubs; they met and read poems, spent hours talking about philosophy, religion, and art. Most of the time they met in the suburbs, close to Katya's house. They walked for hours, Nikita asked Katya to paint for him.

Nikita Belykh has already been married, but is now divorced, he is a father of three minor children from his first wife.

On June 24, the Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh was detained at a Moscow restaurant by the decision of the Russian Investigative Committee. Belykh is suspected of taking a bribe worth 400 thousand euros. The case was opened under part 6 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code. The Head of the region has already stated that the whole bribetaking story is "a clumsy frame-up." The investigators claim that Belykh demanded money from a businessman in exchange for state investments worth more than 1 billion rubles.



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