Investigative Committee took interest in millions of main customs officer

Investigative Committee took interest in millions of main customs officer

The Head of the Federal Customs Service was called in for questioning again.

The day before, after the end of the day, Belyaninov arrived to the Investigative Committee of Russia to provide testimony. According to Life, the investigators were interested in the source of the huge sums in Russian and foreign currency, discovered during the search at the house of the main customs officer of the country. They also asked him question concerning the case on premium alcohol contraband. To recall, the defendants in the case are the Head of Forum Holding Dmitry Mikhalchenko, his Deputy Boris Korevsky, co-owner of the company Kontreyl Logistic Severo-Zapad Valery Kindzersky and the General Director of Yugo-Vostochnaya Torgovaya Kompaniya (Southeast Trading Company) Ilya Pichko.

Besides, the Federal Security Service officers conducted searches of the co-owner of Translodgistic Company Sergey Bausov under this case.

It should be also recalled that in the beginning of the week officers of the FSB and the Investigative Committee conducted searches in the Customs Service. Servicemen withdrew documents from the cabinets of the service’s Head Andrey Belyaninov and his deputies Ruslan Davydov and Andrey Strukov. Later the law enforcers searched the house of Belyaninov, where they discovered about 10 million rubles, 400 thousands dollars and 300 thousands euros in cash in shoeboxes. 



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